Trolly Pockets*

I've recently gone through a period of nostalgia and I became very interested in finding all of the toys that I used to have when I was a kid. I hate that I had all of these cool toys and when I became a teenager I guess I thought it was a great idea to throw them all away! Now I am trying to slowly collect bits and pieces so one day when I have kids I can show them the stuff I used to play with and say things like "back in my day we didn't have hover boards - we had to use our imagination" (I assume hover boards will be invented by the time any kids I have are teenagers).
First are my trolls which I shared photos of when I purchased them, but they are so cute I wanted to share them again! I am quite sure I had the purple haired one when I was a kid!
On my desk I have my Polly Pockets. I had the clock one when I was little and for some unknown STUPID reason I threw it away?! I found one on eBay and the seller was also selling the cat one and I couldn't resist it.
I love this one. It still has the girl and her little white cat in it. It's so pretty.

A close up of the clock and thankfully it still works! My old one used to sit on my bedside table.
And inside the clock. Unfortunately this one only came with two of the figurines and if I remember correctly there was a Grandmother figure and possibly another girl, but I don't mind! I am happy I found it.

That's all for today. Hopefully as time goes by I can collect a few more bits and pieces and I also started a Sylvanian Family (aka Calico Critters in the USA) collection because my Mum wouldn't buy them for me when I was little as they were so expensive (and I don't blame her!). Maybe I will share pics of those one day too!

Thanks for reading! Do you have any old toys that you bought because you had them when you were little?! Let me know!
Megan xo
*I couldn't resist naming this post Trolly Pockets...get it?! Ahhh I am terrible!

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