Friday Fancies

My fancies this weekly are all particularly awesome in my opinion! Here we go
These Potter Pets prints are so gorgeous 
It Bakes Me Happy
I need this in front of me immediately 
Down That Little Lane
I love the colours on this mug, it's so pretty 
The cutest shirt! 
The Animal Rescue Site
I am not a dog OR a cat person...I am a dog AND a cat person. I love both equally, so this necklace is perfect for me! 
Spread Shoes
This whole shop has amazing shoes, but these are obviously my favourite! 
I pretty much want every sticker from this store!! 
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo

You've Got Mail #3

Here's my incoming mail for this week...
A 100 facts swap from America
And a letter from my pen pal Lisa in France
Lisa's letter was a little booklet full of snoozy dogs!
So cute!! I love it
And my outgoing letters for the week...
A letter to Melissa in America and a one to Lisa in France
Not as exciting as last week but I love all mail!
Take care
Megan xo 

Daily Instax July 15 - 28

Some days lately I've been so busy, but thankfully I always remember to take my photo!
The cats like to sleep in front of, or on top of the oven. So naughty!
My friend Victoria loves Violet + my sister in law moved to San Fran so we had a farewell dinner
He's so shiny in the sun + the vet clinic where I work now
Our third wedding anniversary! + she is so cute
Lunch in the park near work + snowy Noah
He was rolling around attacking me + cat ball
Crazy eyes Violet + donuts for morning tea at TAFE!
Have a great day
Megan xo


I love Notemaker, and they had a few things on sale lately so I placed an order. Here's what I bought!
Decomposition Book
Haha look at these nerds
Everything about this notebook is perfect
Perfect tiny notebook
And of course some washi tape
They sell amazing stationery! Check em out.
Take care
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Another Friday is upon us, so here are my fancies
Tuesday Bassen
This pin is so cool - I love the lock hanging off it! 
These glasses are so ridiculous, I love them! 
Aww this little guy is so cute 
The colours of this print are so gorgeous 
This should be my family crest 
Cat-tus brooch. Get it. Cat-tus! Love it. 
This cat looks like Noah and I feel that IDGAF would be his motto 
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo

You've Got Mail #2

Here's my outgoing mail for this week...
Northern Territory, Australia + Wisconsin, USA
Victoria, Australia + The UK
And I only received one letter this week from my pen pal Melissa... 
Along with her letter she sent some postcards

And some pretty floral postcards!
A nice mail week! Take care,
Megan xo

365 Crafting Time Days 281 - 294

Mostly baking and planning this week! 
I made banana cupcakes + painted a bit
Getting a parcel ready for my Mum + overcooked macarons haha
Lots of planning
My new TAFE folder + I covered my divider with the best wrapping paper
How cute are these stickers! + more cute wrapping paper!
Started using my Enchanted Forest colouring book + planning
Pretty paper for an envelope + TAFE and work planner
Take care
Megan xo 

June Stationery

"I'm going to stop buying so much stationery" - a younger, more naive Megan. Yeah, that didn't happen. I am a sucker for cheap stationery and I need a support group or something. 
Yes, the most amazing stickers ever. I made and ordered these on Vistaprint
Brown envelopes from Muji - less than $2 for 10 make these the cheapest envelopes like these I've found
Fuzzy stickers from Toys R Us
Adorable dinosaurs + more fuzzy stickers from Toys R Us (fuzzy stickers are the best)
How freaking cute are these?!
These darling stickers are from The Reject Shop!
And washi tape! From top to bottom  1   2   3   4   5 & 6 
So far this July I've been a bit more sensible and only bought a few bits and pieces. I just really like stationery, and I find that I use so much of it for my craft and snail mail! It's all so perfect. 
Take care,
Megan xo