Friday Fancies

Another Friday is upon us - gosh they show up quickly! 
HouseBrokenClothing on etsy
I hear the other employees have been giving you a ruff time?
Super cute boots! 
scrumptiousdelight on etsy

Look at this tiny cute happy marshmallow!!!
emilymcdowelldraws on etsy
A friend of ours just told us she is pregnant! I might need to buy this for her 
Spotty Box is a monthly subscription box that send you dog treats and toys each month. 
I did some research and am thinking of getting this for Amos! Stay tuned 
Bayleaf Buttons
Love this Star Trek button, Janeway is my favourite 
Look Humans
I love this Buffy singlet!
That's all for this week! I think my favourite thing is the dog t-shirt - he's so cute! Have a great weekend!
Megan xo

Daily Instax January 15-28

I am still doing my daily instax photo and have been for 28 days now - go me! I am still playing around with how to show them, so I am doing things a little different to last week - it really depends on the light in my house. Let me know what you think! 
Easter eggs are out already, so I bought myself a Cadbury Creme egg! 
Giving Violet a smooch 
I got sunburned whilst driving, check out the colour difference
Belated Christmas present from a friend - cat shaped whiteboard and Lush soaps!! 
I walked into the spare room and Noah was sitting on Nathans amp...?
Trying to work at your desk when you have cats - impossible
My cork board and posters above my desk
The view outside on a rainy day
Using my new oil pastels!
Butthead being a butthead
They WERE sitting back to back, so I went to get the camera and they moved :-(
I realised there were no photos of me and decided to take a selfie
A vegetarians crisper on grocery day - chock-full of green! And corn!!
This clock makes me smile every day!
So these are all of the photos for the last 14 days. It shows how boring I really am, I need to get out more!
Megan xo

Summer Projects

I go back to Uni at the end of February, and there are still so many things I want to do before then!
  1. Blog A LOT! Including about some of these projects! I've been getting into a 3 posts a week routine that I want to keep up (although it's hard to think up stuff when I am so boring haha)
  2. Print wedding photos and put them in the album we got as a gift
  3. Make an album of our honeymoon cruise photos!!
  4. Make an album for the printsagram photos I got printed 
  5. Paint my house shaped shelves 
  6. Clean up backyard 
  7. Alphabetise DVDs (it is currently impossible to find what we're looking for!) 
  8. Clean out clothes and donate the ones that I don't want/don't fit
  9. Organise all of the cupboards in the house (we've only lived here a year and they're a mess?!) 
  10. Paint my cork board 
  11. Start an art journal
  12. Get through a few books that I haven't read (so many aaggghh) 
  13. Organise framing of posters we have so we can finally hang stuff up and start making the house ours a bit more!  
  14. Organise my office so I can find things! 
  15. Hang the huge canvas that we ordered from our wedding photographer (hopefully it's ready soon!) 
So as you can see I've already checked off two things on this list, and I really hope I can finish all of them before I go back to uni. Last semester I was pretty stressed out, I hope if I do all of the things I've been putting off (I got married in 2012 and still have no photos!), then I will have less to worry about and can focus more!
My poster from Blue Dog Posters
Have a good one
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! I am starting this weeks fancies with my number one favourite thing
This is Amos! Amos will be moving in with us at the beginning of February, we confirmed the adoption yesterday! We are so excited and I will keep you updated on this goof ball for sure! YAY!
Urban Puppy on etsy
Planning on getting Amos one of these once he's settled in, you can get two phone numbers on the back, score!

thetruereaven on redbubble
I love Jurassic Park, and I love the Simpsons and this shirt is just too funny*
SakaraStyle on etsy
Just because I am getting a dog that doesn't mean I'm going to stop buying stuff with cats all over it! 
theprintedsurface on etsy
I love this Beyonce inspired mug, it looks so shiny (just like Beyonce's hair...sigh)

Half Baked Harvest

*heavy breathing* look at this vegetarian burger, it looks like the most amazing burger ever and I am pretty sure you could make it vegan if you just took out the cheese and substituted the egg with another binding ingredient. I am most interested in the beer caramelised onions and sweet potato fries on top and I am printing this recipe so I can make it soon!

So that's all for this week, have a great weekend and a good Australia Day - don't get too drunk or sunburned!
Megan xo

*P.S in case you don't understand the Billy and the Clonesaurus t-shirt, here's a horrible video of the scene from the Simpsons

Daily Instax January 1-14

A project I am doing this year is taking a photo with my instax camera every day. Some days I don't do anything that interesting, so there are a few photos of the cats included - but I don't mind, they are my babies!
My 2014 diary and the view from our front verandah 
Nathan pretending to be asleep and Violet in her usual position 
My PEZ and the first entry in my first ever art journal
Stretchy Peach and me trying to take a self portrait but the flash made this happen - I kinda like it! 
Violet likes this shelf for some reason? And our hotel room in Port Macquarie 
My Dad (he'd had a few!!) and Nathan driving us home from Port Macquaire
Noah cleaning his jellybeans and our backyard on a really nice day
I am still playing around with how to take photos of these photos, the light today was AWFUL so I struggled. I really like the instax, even though it makes the photos look funny sometimes - I really like the way they look!
Have a great day
Megan xo

Organising Outtakes

When I was taking photos for my organising post the other week, Violet decided to "help" me get things in order. I took a few photos and thought I should share!
Please ignore my manky slipper
I better move this over here with my teeth
I got it! I got it!
I don't got it
Phew, tired after all that helping!
She's such a feral, but oh my god I was laughing so much. I had my pens all neat in a line, and by the time she was finished they were all over the place. I love this little fluff.

Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Welcome to another Friday, I hope wherever you are it's not as hot as it has been here! I've been eating a lot of frosty fruits! 
TinyHoboTees on etsy
I love this chubby Wonder Woman!
I love this Roy Lichtenstein print. I am planning to get this to put in our bedroom! 

Crystal Cactus
These fairy quartz necklaces remind me of gems I had when I was younger, 
when I really thought they were made by fairies! 
LovelyBody on etsy
I love this soap - it is so beautiful 
LittleBarkster on etsy
When we get our dog I am SO buying this! 
mylittlemookie on etsy
 Wookiee outfit for a baby!!!
Lebowski Funko figurines!!! :-o
That's all for this week, I hope you have an awesome weekend. Today I am heading to Leura to go to Rubyfruit with one of my best friends - I am getting their amazing vegan burrito and some vegan cupcakes to bring home! One of my favourite places to eat.
Megan xo

Melbourne Shopping

A couple of years ago one of my best friends, Quincy, and I went to see Taylor Swift in Sydney. I promised Quincy that if she ever came here I would go with him, and not long after she announced a tour. To be honest I wasn't really THAT much of a fan, I just knew Quincy didn't have anyone to go with. So anyways, we went to her show and it was AMAZING. She was so fun and it was a big theatrical event. Quincy eventually moved to Melbourne, so when she announced another tour, I decided to use it as an excuse to visit Melbourne! I did a bit (a lot) of shopping, mainly for Christmas presents, but here are the best things that I bought for me! 
I went to Minotaur, who are really expensive but you get instant gratification for nerdy things like these PEZ sets I've been wanting for ages! And I also got Ms Piggy there - I love her.
I went to Daiso for the very first time (I'd never even heard of it!) and holy crap it is amazing! They had so much cute stuff! I bought a few things, but I think the stickers are my favourites! I actually found out there are several in NSW, so I am definitely going soon! 
I've saved the best purchase for last...
Troll Dolls! I've been looking for some on eBay lately but they were too expensive. Quincy told me to check out this shop on Chapel St and they had a Christmas tree covered in trolls where I grabbed the purple one and as I walked around the huge store I found the big one and a whole cupboard full of smaller ones! They had SO MANY vintage toys and vintage everything! It appears to just be called Chapel Street Bazaar and I want to go back. The trolls were around the same price as I saw on eBay, minus postage, but they did seem to be kinda pricey with other stuff - but I guess you pay for things that are hard to find.

So that's not everything I bought, but it is the best stuff!
Have a great day
Megan xo