Birthday Wish List

My husband asked me to assemble of stuff I'd like for my birthday. I like a lot of stuff and have a wishlist 10 miles long, but here are some of my favourites! 

These are so lovely!
Plus size yoga DVD!!
And of course an eco friendly yoga mat!
Oh my gosh yes
Love it!

Ok...see. I like a lot of stuff!!
Megan xo 

New house!

We recently bought a new house! We settle at the end of November so I am currently a little bit obsessed with home decor, organisation and anything to do with home offices as we have 4 bedrooms and I can have my own study (until we have kids, but that's hopefully a few years away!) 
I currently have several stacks of magazines, I need to work through them so I don't have quite so many when it comes to moving! I love this idea and will definitely be implementing it! 

For my new study, I thought it would be a good idea to keep current magazines in something like this, so I know what needs sorting before it gets out of hand! 

How cute for organising mail. I am hopeless at chucking unopened mail on my desk and finding it 2 weeks later. This would be helpful! 

Cute DIY glitter jars for possibly storing my makeup brushes (although my cat Noah likes to chew my brushes so I have to hide them)

Really great idea for a filing system!

Megan xo