365 Day Crafting Challenge

I was on Olya Schmidt's blog recently and she mentioned Sabine from Moments to Live For had made herself a challenge to make something every single day for a whole year. I am currently trying to be more creative as it is something I enjoy and it makes me feel really good, so I have decided to join in!
Every single day I will paint, crochet, make stationery, do something in my art journal, or just create anything I feel like. I will also be using the Collect app (it's free!) to track my progress, and I also like the idea of sharing on my blog for accountability, and also just because it's fun!

Will you be joining in? It's such a great idea and I am really excited to start tomorrow!
Megan xo

Friday Favourites

Good morning. I hope your week was fabulous, here are my fancies!
thimblepress on etsy
Adorable notepad 
Kikki.k has the best stuff! 
cool shirtz
I saw a guy wearing this shirt at Comic Con and instantly wanted it. Thrillhouse 
heytheredesign on etsy
This is one of my favourite quotes. I was going to DIY something of it for myself but then I found this lovely one on etsy. It's Johnny Cash's description of paradise <3
I can't resist tote bags 
catrabbitplush on etsy via The Dainty Squid
Eep - too cute! 
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo

Daily Instax September 10-23

Hello! It's time for another round of daily instax photos. These are one of my favourite blog posts to make, I look forward to being able to look back on a year of cat photos! I might even do this again in 2015!
Flowers growing + fatty
My new favourite photo of me (and freshly cut and dyed hair!) + comic con wrist band!
Trying to take a nice photo with Violet and she smooched me + my new prints <3 <3 <3
Two babies + Violet again
No more cone!!! + a walk in the park and a spooky sun
So many photos of cats
Taking pics of my home to see how it changes + perfect morning, coffee and emails
Have a good one!
Megan xo


I used to fear change, I was so comfortable with my job that I didn't care that I earned shitty money and there wasn't any room for a promotion within the company. After 7 years I quit that job and started at University doing social science. I was so desperate to get out of that office that I decided it was the right course for me. After a while I realised that it just wasn't what I wanted to do, and eventually decided to start Animal Studies and I have never been happier! I've already completed one term and start the second one in a few weeks and I have decided once I finish this I want to do vet nursing.

So apart from career plans, I've also made other small changes in my life. I've changed my diet, my exercise habits, and I am planning on working harder on this blog and in every other aspect of my life. I wanted to share my new plans here as a way to track how I am going (and for accountability haha).
  • taking better care of myself
  • better blog content 
  • more time doing the things I like, instead of being on tumblr, and trying new things
  • being more organised and crafting a routine for myself 
  • stop caring what others think of me, share things I am nervous about, be more confident 
  • taking more pride in my home
I am hoping these things will help me be a better version of me. Have you made any changes lately? Maybe we can support each other?
Have a great day,
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope you had an amazing week. I definitely did, I made a few little changes and have a whole new outlook on my life and how I want things to be, I am feeling great! Here are the things I found this week!
bensmind on etsy
Star Trek Voyager print - very cool 
The Mary Sue
New Funko figurine for The Hobbit - I love her hair 
Daiso Australia
Cute office organisation! 
ildmarysl on etsy
MissHoneyBird on etsy
Cute stamp 
As if I don't have enough cat bags 
Such a cute DIY! I want to make these to send to pen pals
Have a wonderful weekend!
Megan xo

My Collections - Patches

Hello! Today I decided to share my small patch collection with you. It's only something I recently started collecting! My Dad collected police patches when I was younger. He would send overseas cops his NSW patches and they would send their ones back, he had heaps! I think he may have influenced me slightly.

These 2 I bought from a vintage store in Melbourne
My sister in law sent me these amazing Harry Potter ones!!
Star Trek Voyager purchased at Oz Comic Con
My Dad sent me a Simpsons SWAT patch! I love it 
The Knox District one is also from my sister in law, and the Jurassic Park one I bought on eBay - it's my favourite
My other favourites are these Scout patches from America! Also from eBay! (I forgot to photograph this one with my good camera oops!)
So my little collection is growing. I want to buy ones from places I visit, but not many places sell patches which is a shame! I also need to find a way to display them and will share photos when I think of something!
Megan xo

P.S check out my PEZ dispenser collection here

Oz Comic Con 2014 Purchases

Hello! I went to Oz Comic Con on Saturday and it was pretty great! It was definitely better than Supanova, there was lots of great cosplay and so many things I wanted to buy! Here's the stuff I bought.
Adorable dinosaur fairy lights! Amazing!
The only Star Trek Voyager thing I found all day! A patch for my collection
I found this awesome She-Hulk figurine and couldn't leave her there
AMAZING Buffy prints - the detail is so incredible
A close up of the faces, incredible. Unfortunately I didn't grab a card and forget who drew these! Damn
Killer Cat Woman and Poison Ivy prints by Lauths. I also asked for a Wonder Woman print, but they accidentally gave me Power Girl and I didn't realise til I got home! I contacted them, so hopefully he can replace it for me!!
I will definitely be returning to Oz Comic Con next year, it was a great day!
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope your week has been amazing! Here are my fancies...
Such a cute picnic blanket
Inspired Insanity
These would look so nice on our deck! 
Craftberry Bush
A great DIY! Great if your cats like to eat your indoor plants 
Postal Love
Airmail stickers - much nicer than the ones from Australia Post 
emilymcdowelldraws on etsy
I think Nathan would agree that this is perfect for me 
PaperElf on etsy
Eep! How cute are these Bulbasaur stickers
kittycamehome on etsy
Very clever idea for a brooch! 
Have a great weekend
Megan xo

Daily Instax August 27 - September 9

Hello! I hope you are well. Here are this weeks instax photos!
Noah and Violet snoozing + making pamphlets for TAFE
She's a weirdo + my cats all love my Mum - such traitors
BBQ for dinner + I tried to take a nice photo of Noah
Noah loves to sleep on the donut pillow + Noah was washing Peach and stopped when I got close!
Amos was getting eye surgery so I was sad in the backyard without him + my baby in his cone - his eye is nearly better!
Violet in the sink?? + the cake I made 
Nathan sent me flowers - he didn't know lilies are toxic to cats so thy are locked up away from Noah + Peach being cute :-)
Take care
Megan xo