Friday Fancies

Hello, I hope your week was amazing. I've been so busy with assignments I cannot believe it's already Friday! Here are somethings I found when I was procrastinating.
awberry on etsy
Sams face is what mine looks like most of the time 
Beckadoodles on etsy
Super cute Firefly stationery! 
Yamok on etsy
Cute little bee pouch 
The Hut
I need one of these! So cute 
omigosh - how cute is this! 
LightLife on etsy
This weeks washi tape pick
Cute little cat tupperware
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo

Daily Instax August 13-26

My friend returned from 6mths in Japan! + the farm where I work
Peach in one of her favourite spots + another one of Peach (she is so cute OK!)
Baby Violet + a rainy day at home
Noah and Peach asleep on the bed + Amos has a cone again - goober (he hurt his eye)
Look at that little face + studying
We had friends over for lunch, I love using the dining table + fatty
My snail mail box + my shadow - she follows me everywhere some days!
Yes yes I know, so many cat photos. I just love them so much and they make me smile all the time :-)
Have a great day!
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! Welcome once again to my Friday Fancies!
ErinHuntingArt on etsy
I found this print via Nerd Burger and I love it!
Twinkie Chan This is so cute! I wish I had the skills to make this Groot! 
OKSmalls on etsy
I would love these Pokemon Gym badges to add to my patch collection 
pikwahchan on etsy
This washi tape is at the top of my wish list right now! 
I want a bunch of these to replace every soap dispenser in my house! 
HoobyGroovy on etsy
This is the nice cat carrier I have ever seen. I wish I had the money to buy at least one! 
This backpack is so cute! I'd use it everyday! 
That's everything, have a wonderful weekend!
Megan xo

Incoming Mail - Mel Stringer

I love when an online store goes above and beyond to send a beautiful parcel to their customers, so I was very happy when I received my order from Mel Stringers etsy store girliepains.
This was what I ordered, and the first photo is everything that was inside the pacakge! How lovely is that! This is Mels own washi tape and it is so precious!
Also included some cute little pictures and a lovely card that I will have to send to someone soon!
And a hand written note - which is such a nice touch!
And (the best part) lollies! I love Pop Rocks and the little heart beat lollies were one of my favourites growing up and I didn't even know you could still buy them! She sent two but already ate one!

I just had to share this parcel, it really made me smile!
Megan xo

Kawaii Box August 2014

Hello! Today I have my August Kawaii Box to show you. I am so happy with these boxes. When I receive it I can't help but smile at all of the cute stuff they send!
Cute little phone charms and key rings
A tiny cupcake ring (too small for my fingers!) and some pretty nail stickers
A sweet watermelon pouch - perfect for summer!
Some sweets that you make yourself! I am unsure if they are vegetarian friendly and will have to investigate
Inside the package - powder and flavourings, plus molds and a mixing dish
Cute pencils, erasers, and a little notepad
Cute envelopes and writing paper - poor sad kitty!
Everything is so cute. I'm not too fussed with all of the keyrings, but I love the stationery. Luckily though, I have plenty of friends and pen pals to give all of the little extras too!
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! Thank you for joining me on yet another Friday. Here's some stuff as a reward.
EmmaButlerDesign on etsy
Really colourful Jurassic Park poster. Very cool. 
I am Groot 
LizeMeddings on etsy
Cute little potted plant brooches 
noodlehug on etsy
This poster makes me laugh! They also have Loch Ness and UFO ones!
dsbrennan on etsy
Such a beautiful phone case
PrettyTape on etsy
My favourite washi tape of the week!
ilikeCATSshop on etsy
Cute kitty necklace 
!!!! This DS case is so amazing and I wish they would ship one to me !!!!
Have a fantastic weekend!

Daily Instax - Totally Bummed

At the Lolly  Swagman in Berrima + My baby girl posing
Yup, two photos for the last two weeks. My instax camera (which I got for my birthday in November!) broke and I couldn't fix it. It worked out cheaper to just buy a new one so that's what I did. I bought it online here (the cheapest I could find at the time) and I am so glad to have one again. Totally bummed I missed out on 12 daily photos though!
I should have my regular instax post up in a fortnight! Yay.
Megan xo

Outgoing Mail: Swap Box

As I mentioned previously, I am obsessed with being a pen pal. I've gathered quite a few through different websites and now have several people to correspond with. I love it! I found the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club and got matched with a girl in the USA. We contacted each other and decided to do a swap of bits and pieces! Here is what I included for her.
First up a bunch of my favourite Australian lollies - Milkos are my absolute favourite!
She is a fan of Harry Potter so I sent her a Deathly Hallows necklace
I didn't even know you could still buy these, but I found them in a lolly shop!
Furry Friends really take me back, and I had to include Mint Patties!
A little kangaroo and a koala keyring
Wizz Fizz!! I'm feeling so nostalgic because of all these lollies
I've started collecting patches. I couldn't find a Blue Mountains one so this was the closest!
My swap partner collects coins so I sent her one of each. I should have found shinier ones oops
Australian stickers, a couple of postcards and an Aussie lingo bookmark.
The months theme was sorcery, so I wrote my letter on the back of a witches hat I printed out and stuck to cardstock
I wrapped everything up in brown paper and used washi tape to make it more colourful
I put tissue paper in the box and all of the flat bits on the bottom. Then I put in the little parcels and some pompoms!
Swaps can be expensive, but I really only spent a few dollars on each thing so this whole lot probably cost around $20-$25 to put together which is OK as long as you're not doing a LOT of swaps! One every now and then is my limit or else I will have no money. I still haven't posted it and am scared of what Australia Post are going to charge to ship this parcel overseas! Eep! I should also say that for the chocolate and melt-able lollies I placed them in zip lock bags before wrapping them, just in case they melt on their way!

I hope you enjoyed this and got a few ideas of what to send international pen pals!
Megan xo 

P.S I also included a lamington recipe but I forgot to photograph that!