Friday Fancies

It's finally Friday! This week has seemed to take forever. You know when you have something you're really looking forward to on the weekend so the week just drags forever? Well my friends are having a Halloween party tomorrow and I'm helping them decorate and I'm making all of the desserts for it so I am SO EXCITED! And my costume is kinda cool (I'll post pics of it!), and I'm excited to see our friends costumes and hang out with them. I just can't wait! 
The cutest pin - every cat ever 
I think I'll be needing this for Christmas Day!
These make me think of something elves would use in Lord of the Rings! 
Omoi Zakka
This candle tin is so lovely!
Emily McDowell Studio
Matching charms for Amos and I <3 
jennaleealldread on etsy
This pillow is so pretty and I love the colour of it! 
Have a wonderful weekend,
Megan xo 

You've Got Mail 2016 #35

I wrote two letters this week!! Yay!
One for Lisa in France
And one for Bel in NSW 
Have a lovely day,
Megan xo

Daily Instax October 7 - 20

Another wonderful couple of weeks! Lots of hanging out with friends and we went to a beautiful wedding! Life has been pretty sweet lately <3
I bought the best phone case ever + a fun night out with some awesome friends leads to stupid photos <3 
Halloween shopping with friends + hanging with my goober 
My little cranky + I got the best mug from Daiso
I was sick for a few days and this goober hung out with me 
Our friends Jess & Mark got married and it was an amazing day! + some pretty flowers at our B&B breakfast table 

She always looks like this + sunny Peach
Cranky boy + his new favourite place to sleep - on my shoulder!
Have a great day,
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

I'm so glad it's Friday! I have a big weekend planned, dinner with friends this evening, shopping tomorrow, and my friend's babies christening on Sunday! Very exciting! 
I love this beautiful top from ASOS 
The Hopeless Housewife
I'm helping a friend plan a Halloween party and I found these amazing jalapeno mummies that I MUST attempt to make! I'm not sure about the lolly eyeballs however...
The cutest tree topper I've ever seen in my life 
Look how cute this is! I want to cuddle it 
reallybigdillshop on etsy
So in love with this Pokemon cartridge pin! Super cute 
This bag is so sweet!
Have a wonderful weekend, 
Megan xo

You've Got Mail 2016 #34

My incoming
From Nerd Burger in Melbourne  
I love these flamingos from my pen pal Friday 
 And my only outgoing letters this week are thank you cards to some clients
I love this new acrylic cat stamp 
Although I did mess it up haha 
Have a lovely day,
Megan xo

Create Everyday 2016 Days 279 - 292

So I guess my favourite thing to do this fortnight was catch up on making thank you cards!!
I made the ugliest box cake + cards! 
Finishing up some cards + planning
And moooooore cards 

Um....more cards...
Made a little sign so my Mum knew where the recycling was + more planning 
Cards cards cards! + cookies! 
So I made a lot of cards but it was what I really felt like doing! Haha
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! My first fancy this week is that we are going to a wedding this weekend! And we actually get to go away for it, we even have a hotel booked and everything. I'm really looking forward to every part of it. The drive there, the hotel, dressing up, the cheese shopping (it's near the Hunger Valley), and most of all our friend's wedding! It's going to be so great! My Mum is staying at our place to look after all the fluffs and she is more excited than I am, it's so cute! 
The Party Cupboard
Currently obsessed with Halloween decorations and these guys are so cute 
PhoebeWahl on etsy
Love this warrior woman pin and her hairy legs!
I'm not normally a skirt person but I love this one!
This reminds me of the 90s! 
A Halloween fave and a Christmas one? Don't judge me!!! 
PinDazed on etsy
A perfect pin. I love Ralph 
Have a lovely weekend, 
Megan xo 

You've Got Mail 2016 #33

My incoming this week -
This gorgeous envelope from Jemima - I love her handwriting! 
 And my outgoing -
For Debbie in the UK 
And Trinette in Ohio - I love these new stamps even though the price has gone up AGGH 
Have you written a letter lately? 
Megan xo  

Daily Instax September 23 - October 6

The last two weeks were so so good!!
Dinner with a group of friends + lunch with Mum 
My friends kitchen tea + cranky cat 
Pet sitting these two cuties + I love this cutie the most! 
Sleepy baby + I was excited that this cat liked me 
Look at my babies!!!!!! + hanging out with my sister in law (and looking like a giant) 
My little baby (I swear this is a different shirt) + chilling with friends and reading Girlfriend magazine like we're teenagers
This boy loves a scratch + making a new friend 
Have a lovely day,
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hey there! How was your week? I hope it was amazing :-)
Cute Dose
What's cuter than kittens and sharks? NOTHING! 
kikki.K just consistently release the most adorable things ever 
Heartificial on etsy
Heartificial on etsy
I was trying to decide which of this pins to share and I just had to share both of them! Mean Girls and SVU are two of the greatest things ever made, how could I not share both?! 

Super cute for Halloween, Christmas Day, or whenever really! 
abirdinthehand on etsy
Something I wish they'd never cut from the Harry Potter movies! 
Have a great weekend, 
Megan xo