Daily Instax March 11 - 24

My brother Glenn is still staying with us, so there are a few photos of him again this week!
Little crazy baby + Glenn and Amos love each other 
Violet also loves Glenn for some reason + caught Noah getting comfy in the laundry basket 
EVEN PEACH LIKES HIM! I am so mad! + Nathan recreating The Lion King 
My little baby + my happy boy 
Lazy cats 
The clouds were pretty this day + how is this a comfy sleeping spot???
At the Easter Show! + watching some horses during my TAFE lunch break :-) 
Have a good one
Megan xo  

Friday Fancies

Hello! I am back with my Friday Fancies this week after having a little break last Friday :-)
I kind of wish I had a mac book so I could get this for it! 
Urban Outfitters
I love these instax stickers! 
Collectors Corps 
City of Industry 
Glue gun pin! 
This shirt is freakin adorable! 
I wish these were winter pj's :-o 
Have a great Easter long weekend!
Megan xo 

Create Everyday 2016 Days 69 - 82

I was really slack with my crafting this fortnight! My brother Glenn has been staying with us so I'm blaming him for distracting me! 
Colouring in + planning 
I needed some more hair ties + a pretty envelope 
Stampin' + yet another caramel slice (to be fair I took most of it to a friends for dessert!)
More planning + making my bullet journal pretty 
Have a great day!
Megan xo

You've Got Mail 2016 #11

Morning! Here's my most recent incoming mail -
From Kathleen in the Northern Territory 
Kathleen sent me adorable stickers 
From Amira in Canada - love the gold sharpie 
And from Lisa in America 
Lisa sent me this cute card
And a few bits and pieces :-) 
Have a great day, 
Megan xo  

Daily Instax February 29 - March 10

Howdy, I hope you're having a great week so far. Here are my recent instax photos!
Collapsed when I came home from work + I was excited about cupcakes 
Cutie Peach + hanging out with my boy 
Such a good boy + ALL THREE!!! 
Little sook + I made caramel slice and it was so good 
Snowy baby + two of my faves!!
My brother is staying with us and keeps taunting Violet + she's so curious 
Even Peach likes Glenn!! + my baby 
Have a great day,
Megan xo 

Blogger Burnout

Good morning! I'd decided to take a little bit of a break from this blog. I'm currently not happy with the stuff I am posting and want some time to come up with some new content and ideas to make this blog better! 

I will still be posting my instax photos, craft, weekly mail, and Friday Fancies as I enjoy posting these, but I want to be able to post better content on Mondays and Tuesdays in the future. 

Hopefully having a little break will help me enjoy blogging more and make me proud of what I post in the future! 

Take care,
Megan xo 

Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope you're having a great week. Here's some stuff I found.
This bag is super pretty and would be really nice for Autumn/Winter 
Lark Store
Winter is on it's way so I think I need a new hot water bottle cover! 
I love anything moon related so I of course love this pouch 
Hard To Find
Awww this little dog pin is so cute
My favourite Harry Potter book in pillow form 
Omoi Zakka Shop
Sweet little calico plate <3 
Have a great weekend,
Megan xo 

You've Got Mail 2016 #10

Well, I didn't receive a single letter this week! I think it's because I've been a terrible pen pal and have a big stack of replies so no one has letters from me! I did write one though, so I am happy.
For Kirby in NSW -  love these die cuts from The Reject Shop!
Have a great day!
Megan xo 

Create Everyday 2016 Days 55 - 68

Please don't judge me. I made 2 caramel slices within a few days and I have no regrets
I LOVE how this turned out +I made cupcakes and Violet wanted them 
Planning + I hate how these envelopes turned out :-( 
Monthly planning + my bullet journal 
First attempt at my Mums recipe + decorating a letter 
More planning + my brother is visiting so I made another slice and it turned out SO GOOD! 
Have a great day,
Megan xo

Planner Anna February 2016

Recently I found an Australian planner subscription box called Planner Anna and I was so excited I ordered it immediately. When it arrived I was so impressed with how much was inside the box!
Pens and highlighter
Adorable stickers
Journal cards and bits and pieces
A notebook and bookmark

Clips, washi, and gummi bears!
So many pretty sticky notes!
And this really pretty pencil case
I am so impressed and I cannot wait for this months box. I love that they use a lot of Australian suppliers. Check out the Planner Anna website here
Megan xo