Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope you had a great week! I have a few fancies for you today...
Cute little owl lamp from Domayne for $99
 I wish it was a little cheaper, I would love this for the dining room. 
Feminist necklace from kateslittlestore on etsy $12.50
This whole etsy store is amazing!
 Gorgeous print from ybryksenkova on etsy $20 
These sound delicious and I am definitely making some this weekend!
 I wish I had this biscuit barrel to keep them in! Lark $25 
Amazon $138!
I wonder if Nathan would build this with me...might be dangerous with 3 cats! 
Finally, these 2 are from Ooshki and they are freaking amazing!
Have an amazing weekend!
Megan xo 

Recent Misc. Purchases

We went for a stroll up the main road in Springwood recently and I bought a few things for around the house that I couldn't resist!
I couldn't leave this clock in the is just way too cute! And at $10 it was pretty cheap too!
Teeny tiny puppy coin tin. I've already told Nathan that the money I save in this is going to buy us a puppy. Seems fitting, right?!
 I also went to my favourite store in Springwood, the New Age Markets. They sell 50 million things in that place and I'd been eyeing off their amethyst chunks for a while and decided to buy a small one.
 The final thing is also from the New Age Markets and it's a strawberry bird. A strawbird? A birdberry? It's amazing and I could not leave him there! Look at his tail -
I love it!
 Have a great day
Megan xo

Friday Fancies (belated!)

Oops I forgot to do my Friday Fancies yesterday! I had the day off work to spend with my husband for his birthday so I got a bit caught up! Here we go!
eBay $28 - this dress is so gorgeous, I had to buy it
eBay $34 - I am loving eBay for clothes lately!
eBay $34 - we recently got a new cat (blog post soon) and I wanted to get her a new bed 
and I found this. It's amazing! 
Notemaker $45 
Brit + Co - amazing!
Bon Appétit - goats cheese, lemon and aparagus...I want to eat this

summerowens print on etsy - this etsy store has wonderful prints like these snails and 
this snake

That's all for today. I am off to do some major housework! Eep.

Megan xo 

I Love Lush

I love Lush! Nothing is tested on animals and all of their products are natural, they smell amazing and I've only found a couple of products that I dislike out of a million I have tried! I needed to buy something for Mother's Day so I decided to get myself a couple of things too!

My Mum mentioned she wanted to try this so I got a tub for her for Mother's Day. I have some in my shower and it's so lovely and moisturising but very oily. Best to use at night so it sinks in.

Cupcake! This is a new one for me, I've heard it's really good and I have been a bit pimply lately so I am hoping this helps. Smells chocolatey!
 Another new one for me! Tea Tree Water. I am hoping this helps with my breakouts.
 Mint Julips. I've tried Lush's Popcorn lip scrub but it was so gross...this one though is heavenly and I don't think I will ever try another one from them!
One of my top 5 Lush products - Honey I Washed the Kids. Oh my goodness, it smells AMAZING...please note it does not taste amazing. (Um, I heard that from a friend...yes...a friend)
I really love Lush!!!
Megan xo

Animal Series - Wombat

Wombats are my favourite Australian animal. They are so cute but are also really fast and feisty. 
I would love to cuddle one. 
Flossy Particles on etsy 
Raw Toys on madeit
Stalley on madeit

What I Wore: Mother's Day 2013

I felt really cute on Mother's Day so I asked my lovely husband to take some photos for me!
 This jumper so comfy and I love these spotty jeans! And I also love this spot on our deck.
After many annoying moments I finally got my makeup just right. Ugh I need a haircut! 
Finally a closeup of my adorable jumper. I love it!

Outift details
Jumper: eBay
Pants: Autograph 
( I got these 30% off woo!)
Shoes: Arcopedico
 the BEST non-leather shoes ever

Ok so my first outfit post ever! Not a lot of photos but I am obviously new to this!
Have a great day
Megan xo

Mother's Day Gifts

I hope all the Mother's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! My husband and I took my Mum out to lunch and we had a really nice afternoon. Here's the gift we got for her

 We got her some Ro's Argon Body Conditioner from Lush and a cute mug.
We saw this design one day while we were shopping and my Mum loved it! I found the mug on  
Hard To Find and knew I had to get it for her!
 There are lots of cute designs!

 I always get my Mum funny cards and this year I found one on etsy at fluidinkletterpress
 And I may or may not have got one of these mugs for myself! Hard To Find
Have a wonderful week
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

I'm back with another round of Friday Fancies!
His Dark Materials box-set $215 - this is absolutely beautiful. Why are you so expensive?! 
Barry M Nail Polish via Polly Polish
Loveandasandwich on deviant art. 
I love Bob's Burgers and I can't pick a favourite character but I love Louise!

Notemaker $109  - pricey but gorgeous
Think Geek $39.99 - GIMME!

 The most perfect keyring ever
Please Note - I need to be eating these!

That's all for this week. I hope you have an amazing weekend!
Megan xo

Book Jar DIY

I've seen these book jars in a bunch of places lately, and decided to make my own. I have 94 unread books on my shelf...that is terrible! Everytime I finish a book, instead of struggling to choose a new book I will pick one out of the jar and then I have to read it. I thought it would be a good way to get through books I've been putting off*. Here is how I made mine!
I started with a big clean jar I bought for $5 (it might be a bit too big - oh well)
I used coloured MT tape to wrap around the jar, then I used glue and some Martha Stewart glitter for the knob on the lid of the jar for a bit of sparkle. 
 Next I got some sharpies and post-it notes. I wrote 3 books on each post-it, folded it in half so it stuck (no peeking!), then cut them up!

Thank you Nathan for taking this photo :-)
 Once they were all cut up I put them in the jar and placed it on my bookshelf. 
It looks awesome and I think it will make my book choosing way easier!
Megan xo

 P.S I believe the original idea was by Alex In Leeds and now every booktuber is doing it!

*note - I did NOT put War and Peace in this jar because I know if I chose that I wouldn't read it haha!