Friday Fancies

Hello! As per usual here are my Friday fancies!
In love with this donut pin!
Bed Bath N' Table 
This hot water bottle cover looks so soft 
LeighAnneDean on etsy 
Happy little pooch pouch 
Best & Less 
I am going to need this robe immediately!!! 
Kate Spade 
Such a beautiful watch 
SousSous on etsy 
OK, slightly obsessed with enamel pins right now! 
Have a wonderful day
Megan xo 

You've Got Mail 2016 #14

Hello! Here's my incoming mail for this week :-)
I got this beautiful letter from one of my pen pals!
It opened up like a book and had all little pockets with bits and pieces in it 
So pretty!
A postcard and letter from Kathleen in NT 
One from Deborah 
And finally one from my sister in law after her last letter didn't make it to me! 
 And my outgoing...

Have a wonderful day!
Megan xo

Daily Instax April 8 - 21

Welcome to this fortnights installment of daily Instax photos. I printed quite a few with my new printer. My brother said it's cheating, but I literally do not care haha :-)
Cuddles at work + gorgeous flowers at my friends baby shower 
Chillin with my beautiful niece + a sneaky pic of work 
Pet sitting as per usual + Noah 'helping' me do assignments 
I couldn't resist + surgery time at work (I took this photo afterwards!) 
Spent the afternoon in Hartley with Nathan + helping Nathans auntie wash her dog <3 
I had to put his bed on my desk + hydrating at TAFE 
Glenn visited, Amos was very happy + time for one of her cuddle sessions where she ends up biting me 
Have a good one!
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello again! I hope you're having a great week!
The prettiest succulent shirt 
Urban Outfitters 
A perfect mug! 
MochiThings always have the best stationery!
Kloica Accessories 
Gorgeous necklaces! 
HouseofCat on etsy 
Something I am very passionate about!!! 
taryndraws on etsy 
In love with this print! 
Have a wonderful weekend, 
Megan xo 

You've Got Mail 2016 #13

Here's this weeks incoming mail...
From Kirby in NSW - love these pirates!
And Bel in NSW too - such an awesome envelope! 
 And my outgoing...
To Lisa in America - these embellishments are from The Reject Shop! 
To Melissa in America 
Lisa in Wagga Wagga - how great are these cake stamps! 
Kathleen in the Northern Territory 
And finally one for Debbie in the UK - these embellishments are from The Reject Shop also 
Have a wonderful day,
Megan xo

Create Everyday 2016 Days 97 - 110

I did a much better job these last 2 weeks with my creations!
Painting some thank you cards + a caramel slice...mmm 
A spooky envelope + planning  
Playing with Heidi Swapp sprays + practicing my lettering (still obsessed with Hamilton!) 
Decorating mail + making more cards 
And more envelope decorating! 
Planning + making some pretty envelopes 
Have a good day!
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope you've been having a wonderful week, here's some stuff!
I love the style and colours of this handbag 
Otaku Mode 
These lunch boxes are adorable! 
I LOVE beanies and I am definitely going to need this one for $12 
Perfect t-shirt 
MrPicklesCo on etsy 
The most awesome nerdy mug! 
Have a great weekend, 
Megan xo 

You've Got Mail 2016 #12

I haven't posted my incoming and outgoing mail for a few weeks so here's all of it!
Incoming from Tasha and Crystal 
An amazing letter from Lisa in France!!! 
From Teri-Ann and Janice 
Random acts of kindness from Lisa and Laura!
From Amysue and Kaylah 
Outgoing to Laura and Samantha 
Susan and Amira 
And finally catching up with pet sitting thank you cards! 
Phew! All caught up now! Have a great day, 
Megan xo