Friday Fancies

Hello! Here are my fancies
The source no longer exists! :-(
These Totoro phone cases are so cute, the source seems to has disappeared but you can find these on eBay and other stores!
Typo are always amazing, and this backpack is incredible! 
Down That Little Lane
Eep! How cute is this night light!
A gorgeous toiletry bag by Ted Baker 
kathrynselbert on etsy
Oh my gosh...I love this. Especially the black pugs face! 
As per usual, kikki.K is amazing 
Take care!
Megan xo

Daily Instax January 15 - 28

The last two weeks were a little crummy. It rained quite a bit, and my baby Noah had to stay at the vet for a night because he was clogged up with his own fur. He over grooms when he stresses, so that made me really stressed and I was so scared he was going to hate me. As you will see he's forgiven me...
Nathan was gardening so I took a pic + off to the vet, I took this because he looks like a little kitten here :-(
The next day, a little loopy from sedation (he's a jerk at the vet!) + Sunday lunch
New Decemberists album and I ordered a fancy box set + he won't leave me alone. If I sit down, then he's on me <3
Trivia with Nathan and his sister (we came last) + fake flowers at Spotlight
Grump + see! He's always with me! I love it
Amos was sad because it was raining + I opened the hamper and found him here, I nearly died from laughing
Rain and tea + I set a cat trap and caught 2!
That's all! Have a great one
Megan xo

My Favourite Australian Animals

Happy Australia Day to my Aussie followers! To celebrate I decided to share my favourite Australian animals!
5. Crimson Rosella - my favourite bird! I have a few of these beauties that fly around our house all day long - they are absolutely gorgeous
4. Quokka - oh my gosh, look at that happy little face. Quokkas just look so cute and cheeky!
3. Kangaroo - of course I love kangaroos! I remember once Nathan and I went to the Hunter Valley for my friends wedding. At the hotel we stayed at, when we opened the door the owners dog would be waiting for us which was amazing, and there were dozens of kangaroos all over the property! I'd love to go back there one day, it was so lovely.

2. Koalas - look at those ears, aren't they amazing! A personal pet peeve of mine is when people call them koala bears - I know they look a little bearlike with those ears, but it really irritates me! 
1. Wombat - my absolute favourite native animal. They look so cute and cuddly, but they can actually be pretty vicious, and they can run really fast despite how plump they are! Idol.

I suppose this list is pretty predictable, considering nearly all of the other animals that live here can kill you just by lookin' at ya! I hope you enjoyed it regardless, they're all so cute!
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Time for this weeks fancies!
wearebreadandjam on etsy
Cheerful mugs
Paper Pastries
These colours are beautiful 
lucklagoon on etsy
I don't have a baby and I'm not expecting, but these are so cute! 
These bookmarks are so lovely 
Doctor Cat Shop
The best valentines day cards!!
I feel I've shared this before, but I don't care - I love it! 
That's all for today! Take care
Megan xo

365 Crafting Time Days 100 - 113

OK, so instead of making envelopes my new obssession is painting with my watercolours. It's so relaxing and even if it doesn't turn out the way I imagined (always), I still like the way it looks!
Something to live by + decorating a birthday package for my baby sisters 2nd birthday!
See, watercolours! My brave painting and I tried to paint Violet but her colours were hard to get!
Free space washi tape + I made one batch of envelopes

I used a gold sharpie and the WORST tape ever from KMart for these + I've been listening to the Polyphonic Spree a lot
I made my own divider for my planner! + I watched Legally Blonde - it makes me smile
Another divider + more painting - I love the 2 flowers the most
Take care!
Megan xo 

Favourite Instax of 2014

I recently went through all of my instax photos from last year and chose my favourites. I love all of them, and picking only a few was harder than anticipated!
The day we brought this goober home + Violets face in this kills me
At the Easter Show with my brother + I love him so damn much
My brothers Burt Macklin cosplay + Peach found a new hiding place
This photo of Noah and me, I love it + my first day at TAFE!
Nathan recreating the Lion King + my favourite photo of Amos ever

My Mum and Noah + this face <3
Mum and Nathan + one of my friends visited from Melbourne
He's a baby + my amazing friends
So many good memories! You can see all of last years instax photos here
Take care
Megan xo

My New Planner

For Christmas Nathan gave me a Truffula Forest Lilac A5 planner. I've loved the Kikki.k lilac planners but couldn't buy one as they are made of leather. I was so happy to find these beautiful faux leather ones in one of my favourite colours and I am so excited to use it and share it with you!
Isn't it lovely! It's such nice quality, and I am using the large kikki.k planner refill inside. I bought their planner starter kit which is where the little mushroom page marker and the 'Today is a good day" card is from.

I use washi tape to plan my blog posts, as it is easy to peel off and change around if I want to. So far I haven't decorated my pages too much, but I am planning on experimenting with it as I go!

What's your planner/organiser like for 2015? <3
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! Here are my favourite finds of the week
This is the best shirt I have ever seen
Mochi Things
I love the design of this 
A Beautiful Mess
I really want to make these junk food cat toys!! 
LydShirreff  on etsy
This is gorgeous 
Lamp + Pen holder
Typo always have great stuff, I love both of these! 
Urban Outfitters
A gorgeous glass display case - so simple and beautiful 
Have a great day!
Megan xo

Daily Instax January 1 - 14

My first batch of instax for 2015!
Flattering first photo of the year haha + my favourite inspirational thing for this year!
Made muffins + I want to take more photos of Nathan - check out his arm tan line heh
Belated Christmas with one of my besties + some days you just need to sit around and play Animal Crossing
More photos of myself, to see how I change throughout 2015 + little evil cat
Mexican food with this cutie! + "I'm a very very good boy, give me that treat please" - don't believe him but I'm a sucker

Lunch with some girlfriends, such a fun afternoon + I love getting photos like this of the cats <3
I found this photo of 13/14 year old me with my old dog Bella + this is how Amos waits for me to kick the ball <3
So, the first 2 weeks of 2015 were pretty freakin' great!
Megan xo