Favourite Instax of 2014

I recently went through all of my instax photos from last year and chose my favourites. I love all of them, and picking only a few was harder than anticipated!
The day we brought this goober home + Violets face in this kills me
At the Easter Show with my brother + I love him so damn much
My brothers Burt Macklin cosplay + Peach found a new hiding place
This photo of Noah and me, I love it + my first day at TAFE!
Nathan recreating the Lion King + my favourite photo of Amos ever

My Mum and Noah + this face <3
Mum and Nathan + one of my friends visited from Melbourne
He's a baby + my amazing friends
So many good memories! You can see all of last years instax photos here
Take care
Megan xo


  1. Great shots!


  2. These are awesome! I love all the candid-style shots. They are the best kind of photos :)