My New Planner

For Christmas Nathan gave me a Truffula Forest Lilac A5 planner. I've loved the Kikki.k lilac planners but couldn't buy one as they are made of leather. I was so happy to find these beautiful faux leather ones in one of my favourite colours and I am so excited to use it and share it with you!
Isn't it lovely! It's such nice quality, and I am using the large kikki.k planner refill inside. I bought their planner starter kit which is where the little mushroom page marker and the 'Today is a good day" card is from.

I use washi tape to plan my blog posts, as it is easy to peel off and change around if I want to. So far I haven't decorated my pages too much, but I am planning on experimenting with it as I go!

What's your planner/organiser like for 2015? <3
Megan xo


  1. It looks like the same color as the Kikki-K lilac, and the same pocket style on the left, even! Seems like you found a winner! I've fallen in love with the Kikki-K week on 2 page style, though - the lines are entirely necessary, ha! Sucks that the weekend boxes are so small, but from the looks of it, yours are a decent size! :)
    Do you plan on doing posts about how you've decorated your pages? :)

  2. So pretty! I had a look at these while I was in Kikki-K recently. I've never been good at these sort of planners, I much prefer book style ones :D :D