Daily Instax January 15 - 28

The last two weeks were a little crummy. It rained quite a bit, and my baby Noah had to stay at the vet for a night because he was clogged up with his own fur. He over grooms when he stresses, so that made me really stressed and I was so scared he was going to hate me. As you will see he's forgiven me...
Nathan was gardening so I took a pic + off to the vet, I took this because he looks like a little kitten here :-(
The next day, a little loopy from sedation (he's a jerk at the vet!) + Sunday lunch
New Decemberists album and I ordered a fancy box set + he won't leave me alone. If I sit down, then he's on me <3
Trivia with Nathan and his sister (we came last) + fake flowers at Spotlight
Grump + see! He's always with me! I love it
Amos was sad because it was raining + I opened the hamper and found him here, I nearly died from laughing
Rain and tea + I set a cat trap and caught 2!
That's all! Have a great one
Megan xo


  1. Cats love the strangest places, they really do! But it is adorable either way :)

    1. It is cute, I love cats - little fuzzy jerks!

  2. I love the daily instax idea! Mine would all just be about my bunny and food hahah