Friday Fancies

Time for more fancies!
Totoro backpack! Yes please 
This would be nice for my bedroom where I wake up and see it haha 
Adorable washi tape set 
This backpack is so great
This whole set of work is AMAZING, these are my 2 favourites 
I need this in my size immediately 
The colours of this are great and it describes me of course!
Take care and have a great weekend
Megan xo 

Daily Instax February 12 - 25

I'm not gonna lie, there are quite a few cat pictures this week, but to be fair they're not all my cats!
At the park with Amos + Peach loves her window seat <3
Valentines Day card and flowers from Nathan <3 + Amos "kick the damn ball" Diggory 

Transporting kittens to TAFE + cats at my work placement
Noah loving the toy I made + this girl is such a beauty
I made a batch of cupcakes and packed them up for my husbands work and family + sleepy babes
Mum and I at her place + he freakin' loves that ball more than he loves me
My favourite cat at work, Ginger Rogers + my sleepy old man <3 
8/14 cat photos! 5 of which are of my cats haha
Take care

Music Monday

I haven't done a Music Monday for a while, so I decided to share my current favourite song. I think I listened to it 15 times today. I love Lana Del Rey, my favourite of hers is "Million Dollar Man", but I listened to her most recent album Ultraviolence on Spotify and fell in love with it. The whole feel of the album. This may sound corny, but her songs make me feel different compared to any other music that I love. Her lyrics sometimes aren't that great, but the sound is still really good!

What have you been listening to lately?
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hi! Time for more fancies :-)
Faerie Mag
Oh my gosh, this bangle is so ridiculously amazing 
Anima Causa
The coolest bookmark ever!
The Little Epicurean
Ohhh boy - I wish I was eating these right now 
Eclectic Eccentricity via The Dainty Squid 
Such a pretty necklace 
I seem to really like toiletry bags lately? Haha. I love these blue bears 
Down That Little Lane
I also seem to like necklaces! I can't choose which colour I like the most 
Such rad stickers! I wouldn't want to use them they are so pretty!
Take care
Megan xo

365 Crafting Time Days 128 - 141

I am proud of myself again, I crafted every day this past fortnight! That is now 28 days in a row!
An envelope using an old Typo bag + my favourite origami heart
I made Valentines cards for a bunch of my girlfriends!
Weekly planner pages + a folder my sister in law asked me to decorate for her
A few more pretty cards
I loved making these so much! + organisng my postage stamps in my address book
Some more organisation + this weeks planer pages
Easy envelopes after a long day at TAFE + painting a few people I grew up with
Read more about 365 Crafting Time here
Megan xo 

A Year With Amos

On February 7, 2014 Nathan and I adopted a big goober of a dog. We have now had Amos for just over a year and wanted to share a few photos of him because he's ridiculously cute.
This is from when we first got him, still my favourite photo of him ever
I took this one the other day, he's an idiot
From the second time he had a cone when he had eye surgery
Those ears kill me!
My happy boy
I love this boy so much, this face represents how happy he makes me
He's still over excitable, but he just cracks us up. He loves that blue ball and you cannot get it off him unless you trick him with food. He is food obsessed! We love him <3
Take care
Megan xo

When we got Amos
Update one in May 2014

Friday Fancies

Hey! I hope your week was amazing and I hope you have a great weekend!
These pants look so comfy, and they are for an amazing cause - to keep Indian women free from sex slavery. Check them out!
Awesome wax seal stamp 
Pretty sunflower Vans 
How cute is this! 
I totally don't need these but I want them 
In love with this shirt but it's $50! 
Eep! Totoro notepad! So cute!
Take care
Megan xo

Daily Instax January 29 - February 11

Hello! I went back to TAFE this past fortnight, and now only have 6 months left! I also went back to work at the cattery where I volunteer which I love. Surrounded by cats = heaven.
Blue sky after rainy days + my Decemberists banner I got with their new album
This was meant to be a selfie with Violet but I accidentally covered the flash - I like how it looks + my boys
Back to TAFE, my backpack makes me feel like a teenager + nice sunshine in my office
We were being old and driving to flooring places + another photo I stuffed up in a creepy parking garage
The "I got my hair done FINALLY" photo + ahhh perfect little Peach
His precious ball + I love how the background is dark and you can only see Violet
Kittens at work that I had to transport - I fell in love + I've been obsessed with making cups of tea lately!
Last year I worried about how boring my photos might be, or how awful the ones I ruined were so I would take multiple pics some days and waste my precious film. This year I'm not going to worry too much if I take a photo of my cats for 3 days in a row, or if they don't turn out quite right. The imperfection makes them real and I like that. And I also want more candid photos of people, so I really like the one of Nathan driving!

Take care
Megan xo      

January 2015 Favourites

A new monthly feature here, monthly favourites!
My favourite app of January is this awesome game, TwoDots! Sometimes it can be really, really infuriating but when I persist and eventually complete the goal it is super satisfying! The music is also really nice.
Nexba tea - photo by me
I found this ice tea in Coles and I was drawn to the packaging! I then had to buy it and was really happy to find it tastes really good as well, it's not too sweet! 
The Decemberists new album, 'What a Terrible World, World a Beautiful World'. Oh boy, you know how when a band you've adored forever release a new album and you are a little bit scared it's going to be really bad - I never worry about that with the Decemberists. They are consistently good, and this new album is simply INCREDIBLE and now contains some of my favourites of theirs. 10/10  

My new favourite TV show - Battlestar Galactica. I am kind of obsessed with this show! We are up to season 4 now and it's kind of dragging on, I just want to find out what's going to happen! And I hope someone punches Gaius in his smarmy little face. 

Other favourites
food: caramel and pretzel cookies from Coles, Cadbury Creme Eggs
blog: Lemon Freckles - super cute blog!
nostalgia: Neopets - recently started playing this again and I have no idea why, but it's so cute
TV shows: Jane the Virgin, The 100, The Flash
Pinterest searches - instax and organisation 
Colours: Pink and lilac

Take care
Megan xo