Animal Series - Dinosaurs (and Jurassic Park!)

Jurassic Park is one of my favourite movies, I've seen it a million times. It has everything you want in a movie - violence, blood, romance, dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum. Here are a few dinosaur things I've found lately. 

4getmenotshop on etsy
 RonGuyatt on etsy
 Megatone230 on etsy
This one is just to annoy my husband ;-)

Have a great day!
Megan xo 

Meet My Cats: Violet

Someone at my old job found a stray cat and they couldn't find her owners so Nathan and I decided to adopt her. They got her desexed and vaccinated and all of that jazz and she came to live with us! She unfortunately would not stop chewing at her stitches, they got infected and the vet put a cone on her head so she couldn't make them worse. Therefore the first pictures of her include her cone.
Poor little conehead 
 She is such a cutie. She's only around a year old and she's crazy. 
She likes to hide under our bed and attack our feet with tiny ninja claws, she sits in the sink 
and drinks from the tap and she is very moody but we totally love her!
Can I come outside?
Thankfully the cone came off ages ago, it was heartbreaking seeing her bumping into everything.
(OK it might have made me laugh a few times - therefore making me feel terrible)
She and Noah get along OK, they chase each other and play...Peach on the other hand is being an absolute cow. She attacks her all the time and Violet is a bit scared (as shown in the photo above), but lately she's been fighting back so I am hoping things will get better between them.
She's so smooth and soft and we have renamed her Pot Belly Pig because she eats SO much and gets this pot belly goin' on. It's too cute. We are so glad that we adopted her, she makes us smile. 

Have a great day
Megan xo

Purchases from Katoomba

When we went for high tea the other day we went early and did a little bit of browsing in Katoomba. There are some really awesome vintage stores up there and I will definitely be going back to spend more time rummaging. Here are the few things that I bought - 
I bought is this vintage sewing box. I've been looking for one for ages and I love it!
 I'm going to keep art supplies in there I think!
Typical Noah 
I also got these pretty earrings 
We also went into an op shop and they had a bunch of hardcover Terry Pratchett books! 
At $3 each I had to pick up a few of them. 
Two of them have the funky covers that I love.
That's everything! 
Have a great day
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

It's the end of another week and here are my favourite things that I've found
TheBackPackShoppe on etsy $90
Julia Wine on etsy $20
These are so cute! 
fangirl $12
I really wish I had a dog so I could put this on their collar! 
Passionfruit cupcakes - I want to eat a million of these 
Fig and ricotta bruschetta yum
Finally my favourite. This dress is gorgeous and I wish it was around half the price!
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo

A Spot of Tea

For Valentines Day Nathan got me a Red Balloon experience. He chose an afternoon tea at Lilianfels. We finally got a chance to go, so Nathan took the day off work and we drove up to Katoomba. It was freezing, but we warmed up inside! 
OK our bedroom mirror is really dirty
Oooh champagne 
Sandwiches. (I called ahead and requested vegetarian ones!)
Please note that is Nathan tucking his napkin into his shirt in the background. What a dork!
Scones with jam and cream 
The best part - cakes! These were served with tea or coffee.
Macaron, tiny creme brulee, mini lemon meringue pie and little chocolate thingies.

It was really delicious and I am planning on taking my Mum there for her birthday this year!
Have a great day,
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

A belated Friday Fancies!

I've been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf a LOT lately. And one day I was doing a scavenger hunt and one of the houses had an ice cream lamp. I then had to find one in game and in real life. They are so cool!! At the top of my wishlist right now. 
Rosewine on Etsy $6.70
Speaking of Animal Crossing, these badges are so cute 
mgealach on etsy $20
Modcloth $58
Gimme gimme gimme!!
Vegan friendly shoes with a cat face on them? I wish they were in my size!
shopsucrenoir on etsy $19
I love finding awesome Australian sellers!
Blingstopaythebills on etsy $15
I really want this necklace 

That's all for this week. I hope you have/are having an amazing weekend!
Megan xo

Oops...I Did It Again

I neglected my blog! Man, I love blogging and it's so fun to think up ideas, to take photos and to assemble a post of pictures I've taken or one of cute things I've found online.

I had pneumonia around a month ago and I was having a lot of frustrations with my job and I guess it all just overwhelmed me and I had to sort out my priorities.

I applied for a course at University and I found out a few weeks ago that I got accepted! On that same day I went into my bosses office and resigned. My last day was a few weeks ago and I started uni on Tuesday! I am doing Social Science and will be on campus 4 days a week for lectures and tutorials. It's all very exciting.

I will be busy with uni work, but I am hoping that since I will be getting home a LOT earlier than I would if I was working I will have time to take photos and to write blog posts!

Stay tuned.