I really, really want to be a good blogger. I want to make a post everyday to keep my thoughts and interests in order and I would LOVE to make friends through blogging.

I have just been so damn busy lately. Planning a kitchen tea, now a hens night and also y'know...the whole wedding thing AND the's just putting a lot of pressure and stress on my mind and body at the moment. 

I am so excited for the wedding but to be honest I can't wait til it's all over and we are sailing around on a cruise ship, and then when we get home we have a week off work to relax some more! Though I may just spend 7 days cuddling my cats because I will miss them so much. I hope they won't be too mad at me.

I am also looking forward to having space back. Wedding stuff has taken over our house. There's stuff in the linen press and all over my desk (I can't actually use it) and behind my desk and in the spare room. It's ridiculous.

So I hereby proclaim that when the wedding is over and we are back from our holiday I will get started blogging properly, because I really enjoy it :) 

Music Monday

Gruff Rhys - Whale Trail 

My brother messaged me last night and told me to download the free Whale Trail app on my iPhone because I will like the song. And he was right! It's sung by Gruff Rhys, one of my all time favourite musicians. 
He was the lead singer for Super Furry Animals and makes some great solo music too.
The app is pretty fun, and the song is awesome!

Pinterest Picks

My favourite things I have pinned lately! 
MochiThings bag organiser

Floral Dr Martens from ASOS
This camera strap is gorgeous from Bloom Theory Straps
And my favourite - this owl cookie jar! I love it! From Hello Polly

I love Pinterest


My favourites from my Instagram lately 
Sylvanian Families 'Cycling With Mother" - so cute
My cat Peach is adorable. I caught her mid-lick!
Sweet & Sara vegan marshmallows. I am not vegan, but I am vegetarian so I don't eat gelatin! These are SO GOOD. I got them here but I found them a bit cheaper here 
(I just ordered 2 more boxes and some Dandies - oh boy!)
Noah being handsome

My instagram name is va5el1ne

Music Monday

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

I have had this stuck in my head all morning! It's wonderful