Friday Fancies

Good afternoon! I hope you had a wonderful week! Here are my favourites of this week 

 Beauty & Style

Too Faced blush $29USD
Autograph $69.99AUD
I actually bought these and they are SO comfy
Sooty owl necklace - Handy Maiden $35USD

For my office 
 Gorgeous pens - iomoi
 I want this above my desk!!

For the home
alastore $12USD
Pillow Talk $34.95AUD

That's all for this week! Have a great weekend
Megan xo 

Reason why I am a vegetarian #2

I really like this quote that I saw on Pinterest! Very interesting! I cannot find the original source, sorry!

Also, awwwww...little lamb!

Megan xo

P.S I don't want to make these posts to be preachy or to say "ugh you eat meat you disgust me!". Well, the thought of eating meat does gross me out now but I am not the type of person to preach to others that I think what they do is wrong as it is none of my business! I respect every persons choices and opinions and do not like to force my opinions onto others but I will share mine and listen to yours :-)

Native Box January 2013

Native Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you eco-friendly and sustainable products every month for only $15. They are only a new company and I really love it! I have looked forward to every box and they haven't disappointed me yet! They favour Australian owned and made products and everything is cruelty free.

Here is what I received in the January box: 

The box you receive is simple but is still really nice! And most important, recyclable! 
The first item is Method biodegradable wipes. I was pretty excited to see these to be honest! I can't wait to try them out. They smell nice, clean and not chemically like other brands.
The next item is Venusian face cream by Essenza Pura. It states that it is a day/night cream, however it is so lovely and thick that I think it will work best for me as a night cream. It has a really subtle scent to it and it is really nice. 
Also included is some Morlife alkalsing greens which to be honest means nothin' to me! However reading a bit about it on the sheet included, it says that it is a blend of nutrient dense green super foods and you can add it to juice, smoothies, dips etc to get a boost of nutrients!
This was a nice addition, I have an eco-friendly toothbrush and I don't like it so much as it's bulky so I am hoping that when I recycle that one (tip: start a new toothbrush at the beginning of a new season) and start this one that it is better! This one is available at Go Green At Home
Mmm Kangaroo Valley hand made fudge that is gelatine free! I am not too keen on the flavour but it wsa melt in your mouth and had a lovely texture so I plan on purchasing some more flavours for sure.
Sanctum organic body soothe. This is a really light lotion that sinks in nicely. It also has a subtle scent to it, kind of lemony! 
Renewable and compostable bin bag! From Environmental Enterprises
Rainforest Rejuvenation body scrub. This smells so GOOD.  
And finally, a bonus item - Madura peppermint tea. Tea is the best.

All in all, a really impressive box. Nine products! NINE! And every item is vegan except for the fudge! 

I highly recommend Native Box! Here is where you can get more info:

Megan xo

It's February?!

So it is February and I realised that I had a bunch of things I wanted to do this summer and I have not done any of them!

  1. Go on a picnic
  2. Make ice cream  (I am thinking peach ice cream!)
  3. Walk in the bushland across the road
  4. Go to the nearby antique stores
  5. Visit the op-shops in Blaxland 
A very small list, but that makes it doable!

Megan xo 

Friday Fancies

I have been so busy lately, but hopefully things are calming down now and I am getting on top of everything and hopefully I can blog more!

Here are my favourites this week


Double-Portobello Burgers with Roasted Tomatoes by Martha Stewart

 Double chocolate lamingtons on goodfood

 Soft pretzels with with roasted jalapeno cheese sauce on Smells Like Home 

Get in and around my mouth!

 Beauty & Style

The Glinda Pallette by Urban Decay $49 USD
Sooo pretty 

Glitter and pearly eye shadow set of 40 colours by Shany Cosmetics

On sale for $48USD! 

 Bag from Jo Totes $107USD


 Cat brooch by Paper Ivy $26AUD

Cat sticky notes - Two Owls

Currently on sale for $7.20 


 Whiteboard globe at amazon $15USD

  I Need Nice Things (Price varies)

  gamr-invent on ebay 7.99GBP


OK so I found quite a few things! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Megan  xo