Friday Fancies

I have been so busy lately, but hopefully things are calming down now and I am getting on top of everything and hopefully I can blog more!

Here are my favourites this week


Double-Portobello Burgers with Roasted Tomatoes by Martha Stewart

 Double chocolate lamingtons on goodfood

 Soft pretzels with with roasted jalapeno cheese sauce on Smells Like Home 

Get in and around my mouth!

 Beauty & Style

The Glinda Pallette by Urban Decay $49 USD
Sooo pretty 

Glitter and pearly eye shadow set of 40 colours by Shany Cosmetics

On sale for $48USD! 

 Bag from Jo Totes $107USD


 Cat brooch by Paper Ivy $26AUD

Cat sticky notes - Two Owls

Currently on sale for $7.20 


 Whiteboard globe at amazon $15USD

  I Need Nice Things (Price varies)

  gamr-invent on ebay 7.99GBP


OK so I found quite a few things! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Megan  xo


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    1. Isn't is perfect :-) thank you for visiting my blog! I am hoping to be able to put a bit more work into from now on!