Bush Fires

I was going to do a Friday Fancies today but I've had a really tough week. My final essays are due and on top of that there were bush fires.

I live in Winmalee, and last Thursday I drove to the shops nearby and noticed a large plume of smoke and I thought it was the Lithgow fire, but it was far too close. When I came home I checked the Fires Near Me app and found there was a fire in Springwood, which is right next to Winmalee.

I thought it was quite far so I bummed around the house until I noticed thick black smoke coming down the street. I called my husband and we decided it was best for me to pack up a bag, the cats and get out. I went to drive out of Spingwood but the fire had crossed the Hawkesbury Rd and I had to go to the evacuation centre at Winmalee shopping centre. The vet there is very kind, and let me bring the cats in and let them out in a consultation room. I hung out for a few hours but knew I needed a place to stay, so I drove the other way down the Hawkesbury and went to my father in laws house where Nathan was waiting.

We spent the night and the next day we found out the fire was destroying homes in Springwood and surrounding suburbs, including Winmalee. At least nine houses on our street were lost, and the fire came up right behind our property but we were very, very lucky and no damage was caused. All of our neighbours are OK too, but if you drive up our street you pass only 8 homes before the first one is gone...that is very close.

Hundreds of homes were lost up here, that's hundreds of families with no where to go now. No lives were lost in the mountains fires, but I've heard many stories of pets that were killed or are missing.

This has been a hard week. I put the cats in a boarding place and we didn't get them home til yesterday and they are so clingy - Noah won't leave me alone. I am so glad that the house is OK but even happier that the cats are OK.  I am hoping life will get back to normal for us now. The fire is still burning but they are containing it. Life won't be normal for a while for the hundreds of families who lost their homes.

If you are so inclined, please donate to any of these places. Any little bit helps, and the RFS and other firies, the Salvos and all the coppers and volunteers who were up are here are AMAZING human beings. There aren't words to thank them.


Red Cross

Salvos - call 13 72 58
(I have issues with the Salvos, but they are helping a lot of people right now)

The animals need us too!

If you read all of this, thank you! And if you donate, thank you again!

Megan xo

Animal Series - Guinea Pigs

I asked my husband what animal I should choose for this week (there are a lot of animals, but that's the problem - I can't choose!), and he said "Guinea Pigs!". So here we are!

Of course I had to have a mug :-) 
Look at these kawaii piggies! 
 When Guinea Pigs Fly on etsy $10AUD
So cute!
 When Guinea Pigs Fly also have a Society6 page
How cute is this Jedi Guinea pig tote?! $22
And now for some cute real piggies...
Nathan insisted I include one wearing a sombrero!

Have an amazing day 
Megan xo  

Friday Fancies

I have so many favourites to catchup on!

KpopStitches Animal Crossing pattern on etsy - $5.47AUD
Envishoes $62USD 
sold out :-(
UNT Mug from Consider It Design £10
This mug is so awesome 
Goonies mug from Urban Outfitters $12USD
AfternoonCoffee on etsy $25AUD
WHAT?! I really like mugs!! 
Martha Stewart banana cream pie
I want to go to there 
So cute (and expensive!)
Hard To Find Vegemite Necklace!! $35AUD
I love vegemite <3 <3 

So, that's all for this week! I am super busy with uni lately, but it will calm down
 soon so I will be able to blog more! Yay!
Have a great weekend
Megan xo