365 Crafting Time Days 351-365

Well, this is the last fortnight of 365 Crafting Time, and to be honest it was a really terrible effort on my behalf! Oh well, I tried! All in all, this project was really fun, but I won't be contuing on with it. I put too much pressure on myself and everyday I wrote "craft" on my to do list, and if I didn't make anything I felt terrible about it! I will still of course be crafting, and will most likely be documenting everything I make every second Wednesday on here! Fingers crossed!
I love this paper + planning
Planning + a friendship bracelet in my new favourite colour combo
I love this paper too!! + more planning
A letter including Bianca Jagoe's mail tag
Take care!
Megan xo 
(P.S I totally stuffed up the title of these posts at some point - I'm bad at maths OK!!)

Kawaii Box August 2015

I may have an obsession with subscription boxes. They're just so much fun and a nice surprise each month! Kawaii Box send a bunch of products each month, but here are my favourites from August.
I really want to try a Popin Cookin packet one day, and I think this is a similar and easy product
An adorable little kitty key chain
A spray bottle + a little tin. I kinda want to keep the spray bottle in my TAFE bag over summer!

Adorable pencil tin + a macaron pen
The best bit - stickers! Look how cute they are!
Do you get any subscription boxes?
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! Welcome to this weeks batch of fancies!
How cute are these shoes?! The print is called Buns N Roses! 
I don't need a laptop case, but I LOVE this colour scheme and it's my new fave 
Kate Spade
An adorable fox watch - Kate Spade is always amazing 
More foxes - these tights are so cool 
Petit & Small
This simple frame showcasing flowers is gorgeous! 
This planter reminds me of my Violet - so cute!
How precious is this makeup bag?! 
Have a great weekend
Megan xo

You've Got Mail #11

Here's my incoming for the week...
One from Lisa in France - such cool stamps
One from Laura in Melbourne - Humphrey B. Bear!
And one from Tiffany in Iowa
And my one outgoing for this week...
A card for Tasha in the UK
Have a good day!
Megan xo 

Daily Instax September 9 - 22

Cats! Dogs! People!
Noah is so white + FINALLY got my wedding dress boxed up
Look at that face + Nathan took this pic of us in our new PJs and accidentally covered the flash

Had to chase this goober around the yard when he stole my gardening glove + she has a hard life
Failed photo of Amos + Nathan building our new linen cupboard
My pretty girls <3
Snoozing + the awesome necklace my friend Victoria gave me! (Blurry oops)
Violet being a traitor with my friend Nicole + Noah in his little house <3
Have a good one
Megan xo 

Happy Mail Favourites August 2015

I really like these Happy Mail boxes, however I would prefer less cards to be honest! The cards are beautiful, I just have way too many already haha.Anyway, here are my favourite things from the August box!
I really love this list pad + I always like their stickers
Really really cute cards - I love the cactus one
An awesome birthday card + I am so keeping this moon card as a little print for my wall
They always include an inspirational print!
Check out their website here
Megan xo 

Friday Fancies

My first fancy this week is the fact that my jasmine tree has blossomed and it smells amazing! Now for the rest...
This dress is stunning and it comes in so many sizes!!
Shaun of the Dead Pop! Figurines!!!! 
Moorea Seal
I am a sucker for a yearly project and this one looks awesome 
I've been loving anything moon related lately
Sounds like me 
Urban Outfitters
I need these for all future dinner parties #fancy 
My favourite part of this is the little eyelashes! <3
Have a great weekend
Megan xo

You've Got Mail #10

Here's my incoming mail for this week...
A card from Janice in a gorgeous envelope
A lovely letter and a few bits and pieces from Cazz
And my outgoing for the week...
Letters to Erin and Janice
A one for both Tasha and Bel!
Did you send any mail this week?
Megan xo 

365 Crafting Time Days 337-350

We are nearing the end of 365 crafting time! I can't believe it
An envelope + decorating dividers
Painting + cool nail polish
Stampin' + paintin'
I painted some creepy cats + more stamping!
Yet more planning!!

Take care,
Megan xo 

My Noah #2

I took a few photos of Noah recently and a couple are really cute and a couple are really funny so I need to share them! 
"Helping" me get posts ready for my cute stationery tumblr

He's so pretty in the sun - check out those whiskers

I captured these two photos at the perfect moment! Vicious killer cat
He's so precious
My adorable little idiot baby!
Take care
Megan xo