La Papierre October 2015

Here is the most recent La Papierre subscription!
Galaxy teacup + adorable little camera girl
Some pretty jars + these little birds and houses are so sweet
My two favourites - pen and ink + puppies!
Take care
Megan xo 

Friday Fancies

My first fancy this week is that it's my birthday tomorrow! And I'm seeing Taylor Swift! It's pretty much going to be the best birthday ever! 
Pretty much. If there is a heaven and there aren't animals there I'm not interested! 
This skirt is the most perfect skirt in all the world
These are so cool. Why don't I have any Harry Potter Christmas ornaments?!
I'm definitely going to need one of these 
Charm and Gumption
Possibly shared this before, but it's so good and I think it's my new motto 
A sweet little necklace <3 
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo

You've Got Mail #20

A couple of letters arrived for me this week and I still haven't written a single reply to anyone!
A letter from the awesome Nerd Burger
She sent me some really cute stickers (the little poo!)
A letter from my good friend Anne-Louise in Tamworth
She wrote her letter on this amazing card - it's so pretty!
Have a good one!
Megan xo 

Happy Mail Favourites October 2015

Here are my favourites from the October A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail subscription box!
I really like this bandaid card - so cute
These 2 are my favourites! The eyes are really creepy but cool
Score! Washi tape! And sticky notes
Their usual poster - love these colours
Take care!
Megan xo 

Blank Goods October Goodie Box

So, recently I saw on instagram that the online store Blank Goods were starting a subscription box. I signed up instantly, because I love everything they stock. I'm just going to get this out there - this is probably the BEST subscription box I've ever received. There, I said it. I opened the box and everything was packaged so nicely, in little glassine bags. Opening each one was like a mini Christmas, and I am so excited to start making everything!
I even love the box for some reason!
As you can see each month has a theme
Beads, Russian dolls, and the cutest little house
Stickers! Gift tags! Kraft! It's like they thought of me
Paint, twine, faux leather, varnish - so many bits and pieces to create things
Bags and boxes, plus DIY tape - you can draw/paint/stamp etc and then wet the back to make it sticky!
More bags, wrapping paper, and some paint brushes - they thought of everything
Also included is a big sheet with inspiration of what you can make with everything they inlude
I am so so impressed with this box, it was packaged so nicely and everything inside is excellent and so inspiring. Most of the things seem pretty easy to make, but you can step it up if you want to! I cannot wait for their next box in November!! Check it out HERE!     
Have a great day,
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

First favourite this week is the fact I only have one lot of assignments left to finish! I can see the light! 
Crafty Morning
I really want to make one of these with Amos!
This necklace is so lovely 
Urban Outfitters
This anatomical gummi bear is amazing 
David Jones
This candle looks beautiful! 
Best & Less
Pretty much need this shirt
Urban Outfitters
Super cool magnets
Have an awesome weekend!
Megan xo

You've Got Mail #19

Another week with only incoming mail! I only have a couple of weeks of TAFE left and after that I can write letters again!
Incoming from Janice
A letter from Susan in the UK

And this awesome skull envelope from Erin
Erin included some instax photos! My favourite
And stickers! LOOK AT THEM! They're incredible!!
Take it easy
Megan xo 

Daily Instax November 4 - 17

My instax photos this week are mostly animals. I think I've embraced the fact that this will happen frequently, animals are the best!
Cranky cats
A super glarey photo of Violet + me and my baby

Always with his ball + found her asleep here many times this fortnight!
The sky was so pretty that day + assignments aggggh so close to finishing for the year!
Always near me + she was sad the pizza was all gone
Sometimes you need to make cookies + Noah and Nathan having a moment
Lounging with this guy at night is my favourite thing + another photo of Boris - he's so cute!
Have a good one!
Megan xo   

Birthday Wishlist 2015

I'm turning 28 on the 28th of November! I'm pretty excited actually, I have lot of plans to celebrate and I'm most excited about seeing Taylor Swift (for the third time) on my actual birthday! It's going to be a great weekend. I am of course excited about presents (I love presents, I'm not gonna lie - but I love giving presents even more!) and here is a list of things I would love to receive! 
via Hypable
The illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Look how gorgeous it is :-o 
Fujifilm Instax Wide camera - I have a mini but would love to test one of these out! 
Sparkle Cupcakes
These are my favourite cupcakes ever and I would like 500 lavender and honey please!
I'd like a larger planner as my current one is full to the brim and this one is such a nice colour! 
JB Hi Fi
I only have seasons 1 and 2 of the Walking Dead on DVD and I'd love to have every episode! 
The Iconic
I've wanted one of these backpacks for ages and I want every colour but black goes with everything! 

Of course, these are my dream birthday presents! I am a pretty easy going person so I am happy with someone just wishing me a happy birthday or a homemade gift (the best)! Presents are awesome though lets be real! 
Take care
Megan xo