Blank Goods October Goodie Box

So, recently I saw on instagram that the online store Blank Goods were starting a subscription box. I signed up instantly, because I love everything they stock. I'm just going to get this out there - this is probably the BEST subscription box I've ever received. There, I said it. I opened the box and everything was packaged so nicely, in little glassine bags. Opening each one was like a mini Christmas, and I am so excited to start making everything!
I even love the box for some reason!
As you can see each month has a theme
Beads, Russian dolls, and the cutest little house
Stickers! Gift tags! Kraft! It's like they thought of me
Paint, twine, faux leather, varnish - so many bits and pieces to create things
Bags and boxes, plus DIY tape - you can draw/paint/stamp etc and then wet the back to make it sticky!
More bags, wrapping paper, and some paint brushes - they thought of everything
Also included is a big sheet with inspiration of what you can make with everything they inlude
I am so so impressed with this box, it was packaged so nicely and everything inside is excellent and so inspiring. Most of the things seem pretty easy to make, but you can step it up if you want to! I cannot wait for their next box in November!! Check it out HERE!     
Have a great day,
Megan xo


  1. Ohhhh this box is super tempting! So many options - so much possibility! You will have to share some of the things you create with this goodness! :D

    1. I definitely will share, once I have time to make things! Cannot wait for the summer holidays!!