Friday Fancies

Good morning, check out the stuff I found this week!
Down That Little Lane
I don't need more mugs...but seriously this is great!
witandwhistle on etsy
This is so cute!! 
sarahedmonsmarket on etsy
Haha cute birds and a little bit cheeky 
Evil Supply Co
Super cute patches 
Lark Store
And so begins my inclusion of Christmassy things in my fancies! 
rawaanalkhatib on etsy
How sweet is this dinosaur scarf! 
Happy Halloween! I hope you get lots of trick or treaters!
Megan xo

365 Crafting Time Days 15 - 29

Hello! Here are my efforts for the crafting challenge for the last 2 weeks. Some days it's hard so I just do something easy, but it's better than nothing right?!
Trying out stamping with paint + an origami puppy
Prettying envelopes + practicing with my new paintbrush
Easy days - confetti + making my TAFE dividers prettier
Trying to make a washi Christmas tree card + something for next month on here (hopefully!)
Another easy one but I am in love with origami right now + making cute envelopes!
Another card + an origami dress that didn't work out properly!
And another pompom, much better than the last one I made!
I only missed one day this fortnight - hurray!
Megan xo

Simple Things - Mulberries + Amos

We have a massive mulberry tree in our yard that I pruned earlier in the year. At the moment it is flourishing and it is heavy with fruit!
There are heaps of white and red berries 

However I managed to find a bunch that were ready for eatin'! 
I discovered the other day that Amos likes to eat the berries from the bottom branches. He's obsessed!
"She dropped some on the table!!"
Yes, I am the cutest dog in the universe 
He is the cutest dude. He follows me around the yard. He also tried to steal berries from my hands!
Have a great day,
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! I've got some really neat fancies this week!
oliviafrankenstein on etsy
Totally awesome Ouija board t-shirt
Andrea Lauren Design on Society6
I love the style and colours of this tote 
tinykiwi prints on Down That Little Lane
I love cockatiels and this print is so sweet
We Love Fine
Just give me the She-Hulk shirt and no one gets hurt
PromptShop on etsy
Adorable happy mail stamp
AlexisWinter on etsy
And an adorable donut print!
Tinysaurs on etsy
DIY tiny dinosaur - so cool!
Have a great weekend
Megan xo

Daily Instax October 8 - 21

Hello! Here's my daily instax update!
Window Peach + feeling sick so this was my view all day

Heading out to a fancy event + pink nose

Her belly reflects the sun! + do you think she was hungry?

I'm reading too many books! + snuggly baby

Amos running around being a nut + crazy eyes
Our nephews 3rd birthday gifts (lots of Peppa Pig!) + Nathan and my Mum waiting for food - we we were all so hungry!
Some spooky lights (ready for Halloween!) + these two were up to something near the cat tower...
Have a great day!
Megan xo

My Noah #1

I took a few photos of Noah a couple of weeks ago and he looked so cute that I just had to share them. I was tidying and put my alpaca on the window sill, and when I looked over I saw this

Look at that little face!! I hope his cuteness distracts from my dirty windows!
Take care

Friday Fancies

Hello, I hope your week was amazing. Here are my fancies.
Lark Store
Um, ice cream sundae quilt cover? Yes please!!! 
Inspired Insanity
This is the cutest dress 
Six Things
Adorable stamp 
This whole site is cool, but I love these snack caps! 
FavoriTee on etsy
I love this shirt! 
Six Things
Awww these snail mail stamps are so cute!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Megan xo

Yum Cha & Daiso

A few weeks ago I spent the day in Sydney with one of my best friends and I took a few photos of what we did, here they are!
At my train station
The best yum cha at the vegan restaurant Bodhi

Paper, stamps, and stickers at Kinokuniya - heaven!
So many pens - amazing colours
So much washi tape - it was way too expensive though!
Oh Daiso, I love you

And finally my train ride home, the light was really pretty
We had such a nice day!
Megan xo