Friday Fancies

Hello again, I hope your week was a good as mine! Here's the stuff I found
artofdanny on etsy
Such a pretty Kiki's Delivery Service print
Jennisprints on etsy
Twin Peaks Sheriff Dept patch! 
monstersoutside on etsy
These patches are so rad 
jo3bot on Redbubble
This is so ridiculous and cute 
trelabela on etsy
Adorable pencil case 
I Used To Be Scared Of Cats
I need to make 500 of these because of reasons

I had such a great week! Nothing in particular happened that made it great, but I just felt so inspired and it felt good. I have a few new blog posts brewing in my brain so I hope to get them ready and get this place on track to what I want it to be. 

One of my besties is coming over on Saturday and we are going to watch all the movies we loved when we were teenagers and I assume I will be laughing all weekend! I hope you have a great one!
Megan xo


  1. That cat pencil case is super cute. I want it right meow. hehehe

    1. haha to be honest I want everything ever that has a cat on it