Friday Fancies

I hope wherever you are you were warm this week. It was so cold the other day that Amos actually let me put his coat on and he kept it on all night long! What a goober. Now for my fancies!
ScrumptiousDoodle on etsy
This necklace looks so good I want to eat it 
redravenstudios on etsy
These are so gorgeous and would look lovely on a table at a wedding 
A Beautiful Mess
These DIY lightning bolts would be so cool for a Harry Potter themed room 
My Sylvanians
I love Sylvanian Families (or Calico Critters) and the other day I was in Toys R Us and found them on sale. They had this caravan and I so wanted to buy it for my baby twin sisters. My Dad owns a caravan and he and his wife are currently travelling Australia with the two girls - it would be a perfect gift but it's for ages 3+ and they are only 18mths :-( 
tinykiwiprints on etsy
 There are a few Crimson Rosella's that fly around my street and land on our deck and 
the trees in our yard, they are one of my favourite birds. So beautiful. 
papiera on etsy
 Pretty gold tea pot stickers - perfect for an invitation to High Tea!
Twinkie Chan
Twinkie Chan makes the coolest stuff, and I wish I could crochet so I could make this!
So there we go. Have a wonderful weekend!
Megan xo 

Little Violet

When I took photos of Violet with the donut pillow she was being particularly cute so I took a few photos. A few were so funny that I just have to share them.
Rudely awoken
Leave me be
Why are you clicking your fingers woman?!
Look at her little nose :3
And this new most favourite photo of Violet ever! Look at her fangs!
Violet is a cranky cat. She doesn't like being patted very much and is likely to try to scratch you if you pat her for one second more than she wants you to. When she wants to be affectionate though she is very sweet. She's also really playful and funny, and sometimes she curls up in bed with us at night. She's a precious little dumpling.
Megan xo


Last weekend I went to Supanova Sydney with my eldest brother Glenn. It was really great, even though it was the busiest I've ever been to. I've been going for a few years and it's been getting steadily busier each year but this year was insane. I couldn't move in the Popcultcha section! There was lots of great cosplay and really awesome things to buy. Unfortunately I couldn't get too many photos of cosplay as it was too busy, but I got a few pictures!
We saw this girl dressed as Vanellope in a coffee shop before we went in, so cute! 
A Mario that I think looks like Michael Cera 
Mr Fredricksen from Up!! 
This was definitely my favourite. Louise and Tina! 
Now for the stuff I bought...don't judge me I was excited! 
I told Glenn I was looking for a Jigglypuff toy to buy and eventually I found this huge one! <3 
Labyrinth is one of my favourite movies, and I was walking around and spotted this guy. If you've seen Labyrinth you will know who this is*. He looks a little goofy, but I love it so much!
Giant donut pillow!! It's so soft and perfect. It looks so cute on our couch. 
Popcultcha do a deal at Supanova for the Pop! figurines so I got a few that I wanted, including Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters which is one I really wanted! 
Finally, my absolute favourite purchase of the day - an Ursula figurine. I was so happy to find this as Ursula is one of my favourite Disney villains! 
Bonus pic of Violet resting near the donut pillow. She'd had a hard morning of sleeping and eating. 
That's everything, thanks for reading!
Megan xo
* here's the scene in Labyrinth with the cute little worm!

Friday Fancies

Last week I couldn't find very many fancies, however this week I have way too many so I am picking my most favourite fancies! 
I am so in love with this tote bag. I want one of my own that can all be covered in white cat hair 
CarolynCNowak on etsy
How awesome is this Tina Belcher print?! I need it 
qtpiworkshop on etsy
I love the colour of this collar and the cute red pompoms
Telegram Paper Goods
The most perfect notebook for me 
Bruce Loves You on Society6
The people who run this store were at Supanova. Unfortunately I spent all of my money so couldn't buy a print from them. I found them online and this was my favourite one, and it can be printed on tote bags! I'll definitely have to get one soon. Arya is one of my favourites, I love watching her character grow (and get scarier and tougher!)
extase on etsy
This stamp looks so nice, and it would be awesome to use with a gold ink pad
KaleidoDesignCo on etsy
 I love Wreck It Ralph and I would love to hang this somewhere.
 It would also be really sweet in a kids room :-)
xJacky2312x on Redbubble
Vanellope is one of my favourites, this shirt is just too adorable!
Have a great weekend
Megan xo 

Daily Instax June 3 - 17

As I always say, the last few weeks have been really great (that's a good thing to say!) and here are some photos that I took
I made cookies + Violet is always close to Noah
A donut from Nathan (he's a keeper)+ Noah keeping an eye on what's outside
Nathan making a face + he's the best cook - vegie burgers
My favourite magazine + a new kennel for Amos! It has a patio :-)
Forcing cuddles onto Amos + sleepy Noah with a friendship bracelet someone sent me
Supanova with my brother - he dressed as Burt Macklin* + I found Jiggly puff at Supanova! 
A couple of sleepy babies
Thanks for checking out my photos, have a great day!
Megan xo
*Here's Burt Macklin AKA Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec - sorry for the dorky video but it shows the best parts. A few people guessed who Glenn was dressed as, he looked great!

What's In My Bag?

I am a really nosey person. I love knowing things about people, and some of my favourite blog posts are things that people bought and what's in my bag posts. Today I decided to share what I took in my bag to Supanova on Saturday! 
Starting with my bag. It's one that I bought a few years ago from here. If you're a fan of Terry Pratchett you'll know why I bought this bag haha. 
Starting with the boring stuff. My purse from Target, my phone case is from Typo and I bought my self-defense keychain on eBay and my brother gave me Finn for my birthday. 
Of course I had the tickets with me (thankfully), my DS in it's case (you get a lot of streetpasses at Supanova!), my Instax camera, and my sunglasses case that I bought from ASOS!
I went to Supanova with my brother Glenn and it was his birthday the other day. I got him the ticket as a present and then bought him some fudge and honeycomb as he is a fan of delicious food like me. I also had some gum, my puffer and a clif bar. I was in Glebe recently and went to the Cruelty Free Shop and they had these on sale. I knew that the food might be awful at the Dome and I was right so I am glad I brought a filling snack with me!! Pretty tasty.

So that's everything, not very exciting I know! Have a great day! 
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Good morning, I've only got a few fancies for you this week!
Awesome notebook inspired shoes from Modcloth 
BettyTurbo on etsy
I started watching Buffy from season one (for the tenth time) recently and 
I found this cool Giles card. <3 Giles 
minkandmango on etsy
Cute little Animal Crossing charms!
indieberries on etsy
Fathers Day isn't til September, but I know I want to get this card for my Dad 
zakkalover on etsy
Hedgehog washi tape!! So cute! 
Only a small batch of favourites this week, and I think my favourite favourite is the Giles card!
Have a great weekend
Megan xo

Jellybean Pool

On Sunday Nathan and I went out for lunch in Glenbrook and he wanted to see where the National Park was. We found it and went for a drive in and saw a sign pointing to the Jellybean Pool! We walked down and there was a small pool of water and it was so pretty. We didn't go right down as it was getting late and the stairs ended, but I took a couple of photos and it was just so nice. 

And on the way home we saw the most beautiful sunset. The colours are amazing.

Sorry for the terrible iPhone photos, but I didn't know we would be going there so did the best I could with what I had :-)
Have a great day, 
Megan xo