Daily Instax June 3 - 17

As I always say, the last few weeks have been really great (that's a good thing to say!) and here are some photos that I took
I made cookies + Violet is always close to Noah
A donut from Nathan (he's a keeper)+ Noah keeping an eye on what's outside
Nathan making a face + he's the best cook - vegie burgers
My favourite magazine + a new kennel for Amos! It has a patio :-)
Forcing cuddles onto Amos + sleepy Noah with a friendship bracelet someone sent me
Supanova with my brother - he dressed as Burt Macklin* + I found Jiggly puff at Supanova! 
A couple of sleepy babies
Thanks for checking out my photos, have a great day!
Megan xo
*Here's Burt Macklin AKA Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec - sorry for the dorky video but it shows the best parts. A few people guessed who Glenn was dressed as, he looked great!

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