What's In My Bag?

I am a really nosey person. I love knowing things about people, and some of my favourite blog posts are things that people bought and what's in my bag posts. Today I decided to share what I took in my bag to Supanova on Saturday! 
Starting with my bag. It's one that I bought a few years ago from here. If you're a fan of Terry Pratchett you'll know why I bought this bag haha. 
Starting with the boring stuff. My purse from Target, my phone case is from Typo and I bought my self-defense keychain on eBay and my brother gave me Finn for my birthday. 
Of course I had the tickets with me (thankfully), my DS in it's case (you get a lot of streetpasses at Supanova!), my Instax camera, and my sunglasses case that I bought from ASOS!
I went to Supanova with my brother Glenn and it was his birthday the other day. I got him the ticket as a present and then bought him some fudge and honeycomb as he is a fan of delicious food like me. I also had some gum, my puffer and a clif bar. I was in Glebe recently and went to the Cruelty Free Shop and they had these on sale. I knew that the food might be awful at the Dome and I was right so I am glad I brought a filling snack with me!! Pretty tasty.

So that's everything, not very exciting I know! Have a great day! 
Megan xo


  1. Did you have fun? I was planning on going to Supanova in Perth, but decided not to, because I want to save for my Sydney trip! I love your sunglasses case! and your self-denfense keychain looks totally awesome!

    1. Yes! It was packed but fun. I'm going to do a post soon with some terrible quality photos and some pics of the amazing things that I spent too much money on!