Friday Fancies

Good morning! My first fancy this week is my new car! I've had a 2001 Corolla for a few years now, but we've been talking about upgrading to a bigger car for me for a while. This week we found a nice car that has room for Amos to go in the boot area that can be caged off, and lots of room for any future kids or until then cat carriers haha. I am really happy with it. Now here are the things I found online!
fASHLINdotcom on etsy
How freaking cool is this Daria t-shirt! It's a bit pricey, but it looks awesome. 
lotusfairy on etsy
I love the gold and purple together, it looks so pretty. 
TheLittleKnitKitCo on etsy
Really tempted to buy this, I'd like to know how to knit 

Shopdeluxe on storenvy
I recently got Fauna to move into my Animal Crossing town and I love her, she's so cute!
ZEPHIandtheDEVIL on etsy
This pouch is so beautiful, the colour is lovely 
I love this sassy little birthday cat 
Cool Pencil Case
The pink and blue colour of this paired with the black and white inside is so perfect 
That's all for now, have a wonderful weekend!
Megan xo

Snail Mail Supplies

After I went to the Unleash Creative event recently I remembered how much I used to love sending mail to my pen pals in America, Canada and Scotland. And now I have a brand new obsession! I made a couple of friends at the event, one of which will be receiving a letter from me soon, and I found lots of places online to find pen pals so I decided it was the perfect excuse to buy stickers and stuff to decorate all of these letters with! Here are some of the things I've bought recently
I went to Big W one day and had a look into the craft and stationery section and they had so many good things, including this big pack of Disney Princess stickers and felt clouds!

The other sticks that I bought were from an Etsy store called CraftyCreations2012 and they are an Australian seller!

I got the smaller envelopes that tie from Big W and the kraft plain postcards are from zakkalover on etsy!
Also from zakkalover are these cool envelopes that fold into a box so you can send a few of the postcards if you wanted to!

Tape! I love washi tape and pretty much any fun tape! The floral tape and the black cat tape are from zakkalover, the clouds and hearts tape is from CraftyCreations2012 and the pack of glitter tape is from Big W and I think it was only $4!
The last thing I bought is this huge box that I found at The Reject Shop for $5. It fits a lot of my crafty supplies and all of my envelopes and paper. Plus the colours make me think of peppermints!

I am so excited to start making fun letters to send out to people, it's such a great way to create things and to make friends! Have a wonderful day.
Megan xo

The Autumn Tag

Good morning! I stole yet another post idea from The Princess and the Geek who recently did a "Spring" Tag but changed it for the Southern Hemisphere. I've never done a tag before so I thought I would do this tag as I love Autumn & Winter!
1. What is your favourite nail colour for Autumn? 
I think my favourites are definitely this blue from Revlon and any dark red or purple!
2. Best drink for Autumn?
This! Real Chai is sooo good. I make it with soy milk and a little bit of honey and it is perfect.
3. What goes on your lips in Autumn?
I have really dry skin, and in the colder months my lips love to get dry and chapped so Honey Trap from Lush is kept with my at all times and I use their lip scrubs whenever my lips are really bad!
4. What's your favourite thing about Autumn?
Um, everything? I live in a bushfire prone area (last year 1/3 of our street was lost) so the cooler months means no worrying about that. Plus we have a fireplace where we can light a fire, the cats all love to snuggle in bed with us when it's cold and winter clothing is the best! Scarves, beanies, jumpers - I love it all. 
5. Best perfume for Autumn?
I received this from my Secret Santa at work a few years ago and to my surprise I really liked it! An older man in the office had me and I guess he was good at picking scents! I don't believe this is cruelty free so I won't repurchase it.
6. What TV series are you watching the most at the moment?

Copying Molly here and saying Game of Thrones because it's one of my favourite shows! Ahh so happy it's back and it's been so exciting! 
7. Do you wear a different eye shadow in Autumn?

I am a neutral eye shadow wearer, so I never really change anything but I think this Stila Sensational in Sydney palette would be good for Autumn. 
8. Do you change your hair for the changing season?
No, I change my hair whenever I feel like it! I don't worry about the seasons when making my hair decisions. 
9. What kind of music do you listen to in Autumn?
Whatever I feel like, but there is one particular song I like to listen to in the colder months -

10. What kind of fashion items/accessories do you opt for in Autumn?
Beanies and scarves are my favourite accessories, but I also like long necklaces and this bear from ASOS is my favourite! 

That's all. I hope you enjoyed my answers, if you want to do the tag you should! 
Megan xo 

Friday Fancies

Good morning! This week has been really nice, I bought myself a new desk and a few other bits and pieces for my office. I figured I've had my savings for so long I deserved to spend a little bit of it (ssshh that's how I am justifying it). My new set up is making me really happy, it's so  much bigger and cleaner and it's amazing how inspiring a new workspace can be. I should hopefully be doing a before and after post about it soon! Keep your peepers peeled. Now, onto my weekly fancies! 
Forbidden Planet
BUFFY POP! VINYL FIGURINES. Oh my glob! You have no idea how excited I was when I saw these! Buffy is my favourite TV show of all time (and I've been thinking about re-watching it again)! Not pictured is a Vamp Spike figurine, which I think I would prefer to human appearance Spike. Also, please make a Xander and Giles figurine so all of the Scooby Gang can sit together on my desk. Also Bunny Anya.  You can pre-order these for September shipment from Popcultcha!!
Sole Society
I saw this bag on a post by A Beautiful Mess and I fell in love, then when I clicked on the link and saw it was made of faux leather I fell even deeper. I love the pattern and how well the brown straps work with it.
All three of my cats give me this look at least once a day (you're only feeding us THIS much?) so don't ask me why I would want to carry this around with me! 
luckyshop0228 on etsy
BRB attaching these to every bottle or jar in my house
kateslittlestore on etsy
I am a huge fan of this etsy store! So cool
berkleyillustration on etsy
It's funny, I was thinking about one of my favourite childhood films Harry and the Hendersons and later that day I found this awesome Sasquatch print online. Fate? Maybe I need it for my wall!
lovelysparrowandco on etsy
And finally this beautiful wolf necklace to go with my Sasquatch print haha
That's all for now, have a wonderful weekend! 
Megan xo

Daily Instax May 7 - 20

Hello! Time yet again for my fortnightly daily instax update!
Painting my new cork board + Violet (totally annoyed that I wrote May 8 instead of 8 May!)
Watching Eurovision (SO glad Austria won!!) + Mum visited and brought cupcakes 
My wall + Amos looking guilty about digging a new hole in the yard
Violet is so cute + Peach napping on a box 
Looking super 90s in a headband and giant jumper + I left for 30 seconds and she stole my seat
My husband turned 28 and I bought him a cheese kit, a potato ricer (he seriously asked for that), and a Lebowski Pop! figure + we went to Ikea and it was awful but we got everything that we wanted!
My new Ikea desk!!!! + our new Ikea shelves and I alphabetised our DVD collection. It took all of Beauty and the Beast and 10 Things I Hate About You to get finished but it's going to be worth it when we can find stuff easily
That's everything! I hope you are having the most non-heinous day
Megan xo

Trolly Pockets*

I've recently gone through a period of nostalgia and I became very interested in finding all of the toys that I used to have when I was a kid. I hate that I had all of these cool toys and when I became a teenager I guess I thought it was a great idea to throw them all away! Now I am trying to slowly collect bits and pieces so one day when I have kids I can show them the stuff I used to play with and say things like "back in my day we didn't have hover boards - we had to use our imagination" (I assume hover boards will be invented by the time any kids I have are teenagers).
First are my trolls which I shared photos of when I purchased them, but they are so cute I wanted to share them again! I am quite sure I had the purple haired one when I was a kid!
On my desk I have my Polly Pockets. I had the clock one when I was little and for some unknown STUPID reason I threw it away?! I found one on eBay and the seller was also selling the cat one and I couldn't resist it.
I love this one. It still has the girl and her little white cat in it. It's so pretty.

A close up of the clock and thankfully it still works! My old one used to sit on my bedside table.
And inside the clock. Unfortunately this one only came with two of the figurines and if I remember correctly there was a Grandmother figure and possibly another girl, but I don't mind! I am happy I found it.

That's all for today. Hopefully as time goes by I can collect a few more bits and pieces and I also started a Sylvanian Family (aka Calico Critters in the USA) collection because my Mum wouldn't buy them for me when I was little as they were so expensive (and I don't blame her!). Maybe I will share pics of those one day too!

Thanks for reading! Do you have any old toys that you bought because you had them when you were little?! Let me know!
Megan xo
*I couldn't resist naming this post Trolly Pockets...get it?! Ahhh I am terrible!

Friday Fancies

Good morning. I hope you had a fantastic week, here are some things that I found...
A colourful pretzel necklace - this shop has awesome colour combos
It's a picnic basket shaped esky! How cool is that?! 
I saw Nerd Burger is doing a giveaway for a couple of prints and a sticker from this amazing etsy store. I really hope I win, but if I don't I am definitely buying this pastel goth witch print.
Entertainment Earth
!!!! Back to the Future Pop! Figurines !!!! 
BonBon Bunny
Snow White is my second favourite Disney Princess (Belle is my favourite) 
and I love this pinup version of her. So super cute!
This quilt cover is so wonderful and bright
I think these moon stickers are pretty awesome
Super cute Totoro Studio Ghibli shirts
That's all for this week! Have an amazing weekend!
Megan xo

Amos Update

We have now had Amos for 3 months and they have flown by! He's such a funny dog. He can be a bit excitable at times, but he loves us and is so happy to hang out with us. He loves food, and his favourite toys are the ones that you fill with treats that he has to roll around to get the food out. He chews everything, and loves digging holes but he doesn't do any major damage so it's not something that really bothers us. He likes to steal socks and enjoys barking at garbage trucks! 
He also loves galloping around the backyard at 100 miles an hour! 
I love his gangly legs 
He always looks so sad, but he's just trying to fool you into giving him treats! 
Um, excuse me, didn't anyone give you permission to be so cute with that folded over ear?!
Isn't that the cutest face you have ever seen in your whole life? I just wanna smooch him all the time! 

We are so happy we adopted him. He still needs a LOT of training, but he's getting there and I think eventually he will be an amazing dog. We love him a lot! 
Have a wonderful day,
Megan xo