Friday Fancies

Good morning! This week has been really nice, I bought myself a new desk and a few other bits and pieces for my office. I figured I've had my savings for so long I deserved to spend a little bit of it (ssshh that's how I am justifying it). My new set up is making me really happy, it's so  much bigger and cleaner and it's amazing how inspiring a new workspace can be. I should hopefully be doing a before and after post about it soon! Keep your peepers peeled. Now, onto my weekly fancies! 
Forbidden Planet
BUFFY POP! VINYL FIGURINES. Oh my glob! You have no idea how excited I was when I saw these! Buffy is my favourite TV show of all time (and I've been thinking about re-watching it again)! Not pictured is a Vamp Spike figurine, which I think I would prefer to human appearance Spike. Also, please make a Xander and Giles figurine so all of the Scooby Gang can sit together on my desk. Also Bunny Anya.  You can pre-order these for September shipment from Popcultcha!!
Sole Society
I saw this bag on a post by A Beautiful Mess and I fell in love, then when I clicked on the link and saw it was made of faux leather I fell even deeper. I love the pattern and how well the brown straps work with it.
All three of my cats give me this look at least once a day (you're only feeding us THIS much?) so don't ask me why I would want to carry this around with me! 
luckyshop0228 on etsy
BRB attaching these to every bottle or jar in my house
kateslittlestore on etsy
I am a huge fan of this etsy store! So cool
berkleyillustration on etsy
It's funny, I was thinking about one of my favourite childhood films Harry and the Hendersons and later that day I found this awesome Sasquatch print online. Fate? Maybe I need it for my wall!
lovelysparrowandco on etsy
And finally this beautiful wolf necklace to go with my Sasquatch print haha
That's all for now, have a wonderful weekend! 
Megan xo

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