Instagram Recap April 2014

Here are my favourite Instagram pics from April - they are mostly of cats but if that's a surprise you know nothing about me!
My two girls <3
Noah's cone came off and he hid in laundry hamper so I couldn't put it back on + Violet hiding under the sheet 
Fangs + Jurassic Park (I watch it a lot OK!)
Precious sleepy girl + Amos wanted to smooch my phone 
I swaddled Violet + Noah loves to cuddle up at night <3
This isn't the first chicken I have found in our yard + *pokemon battle music plays*
A big bone to help calm Amos when Nathan mowed the lawn + Violet playing in my blanket - her eyes are amazing
Our vet often has kittens that need homes, I wanted to bring this little dude home + a poor sick Violet (she's getting better!)
A good month for cat photos! Follow me on Instagram here if you want to!
Have a great day!
Megan xo

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