Daily Instax May 7 - 20

Hello! Time yet again for my fortnightly daily instax update!
Painting my new cork board + Violet (totally annoyed that I wrote May 8 instead of 8 May!)
Watching Eurovision (SO glad Austria won!!) + Mum visited and brought cupcakes 
My wall + Amos looking guilty about digging a new hole in the yard
Violet is so cute + Peach napping on a box 
Looking super 90s in a headband and giant jumper + I left for 30 seconds and she stole my seat
My husband turned 28 and I bought him a cheese kit, a potato ricer (he seriously asked for that), and a Lebowski Pop! figure + we went to Ikea and it was awful but we got everything that we wanted!
My new Ikea desk!!!! + our new Ikea shelves and I alphabetised our DVD collection. It took all of Beauty and the Beast and 10 Things I Hate About You to get finished but it's going to be worth it when we can find stuff easily
That's everything! I hope you are having the most non-heinous day
Megan xo


  1. That cat jumper is almost too rad to handle.

  2. Cute instax pics! And I love your new IKEA desk. I've been wanting that same one for my craft room.

    1. Thank you! And yes, it's so perfect. It's got lots of room to spread out my supplies and the drawers are perfect. I now have a whole drawer just for post-its, it's like a dream come true haha