Friday Fancies

Good morning. What a week! I didn't do my usual Monday and Wednesday posts and I blame my lack of ideas and the fact that another one of my cats got sick. I swear we take good care of them and the vet said that we aren't doing anything wrong, but these things happen! She will be OK, and that is the main thing. I did manage to find a few cool things this week though!
Stay Home Club
Stay Home Club have amazing stuff and I want this pillow because it's stating the truth about me!
Domino Dollhouse
The Craft was one of my favourite movies when I was a teenager! 
I think I need to buy this singlet and the Craft on DVD.... 
Slow Factory
You may have noticed that I like stuff with a space theme, and this scarf is right up my alley! 
Ahhhh these are just the most perfect plates ever
McKean Studio on etsy
I would love to hang this in our home! (Currently not in stock - hopefully it comes back)
The perfect mug with pink kitty jellybeans :-) 
image source
My final favourite is a new TV show that I watched this week called Defiance! It's a show made by SyFy and it has drama, action, sex, aliens, and a bunch of other cool stuff. I am really enjoying it and stars Australian Grant Bowler (from Blue Heelers heh), Julie Benz who was in Dexter and Buffy, Mia Kershner who played Jenny in the L Word (ugh Jenny), and a lot of other people that I recognise from here and there. Can't wait to catch up on this!

That's all for now, I have a few other blog posts to make and should be back on track for the next few weeks! Have a great weekend.
Megan xo

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