Daily Instax April 23 - May 6

I love taking my daily instax photo, it's so nice to have a little snippet of each day! Here's what's been happening for the last two weeks in my life (cats). 
When I kept Noah isolated he fell in love with this bed + morning porridge - I love cold weather
Baking potatoes on ANZAC day + Peach is jealous of Noah's special food
Fried ice cream + making a to do list and drinking coffee
Scaredy cat + I love when my babies sleep near each other
Got my hair done and it felt good so I was whipping it around + our new polar bear quilt cover!
Picking a nail colour (in terrible lighting) + I went to Blog Society's Unleash Creative event and they had this cool piano in the space being used. I had the best day making friends and making things - I might do a post about it soon!!
A peek of the things I made at Unleash Creative + oops I went to Spotlight and bought amazing things
That's everything, you can see my other daily instax photos here.
Take it easy!
Megan xo

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