Daily Instax July 16-29

Wow, my weeks keep getting busier and busier! I am rushing to get this done today as my Mum will be arriving any minute! Sorry the photos are bit crooked haha
A letter on the back of a puzzle + cutie pies
Nathan singing "The Circle of Life" and holding Violet - she's the only one that doesn't mind being held + a marshmallow
Beetroot tart and Coming to America + off to TAFE with my backpack (I feel like I'm going to school again!)
Met up with my brother Paul and his fiancee in the city + I choose very grown up pillows
On my way home from my volunteer job I stopped at the Hawksbury lookout + my favourite instax EVER!!
A tree outside my house + I did a sewing course and made a dinosaur skirt!
Received my Period Panties in the mail (yes that says Cunt Dracula - I love them) + Noah stole Amos's bed! Jerk
Today I am off to Berrima with my Mum and I am so excited!
Take care
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Oh boy, what a week. I've been super busy lately and for the next 8 days I have stuff happening on 7 of them! I better get some blog posts ready for next week! Hopefully I can come up with something, but for now here are my fancies.
SarahLeoraa on etsy
Moonrise Kingdom pouch! 
UnfortunateFace on etsy
Can I borrow a feeling? Could you send me a jar of love? Hurtin' hearts need some healing, Take my hand with your glove of love!
monstersoutside on etsy
Mulder + a cat? Yes please
chelsyladams on etsy
This is so simple and pretty
dollybirddesign on etsy
This necklace is so pretty 
MokuyobiThreads on etsy
 This etsy has the cutest little patches! I'd love to add them to my collection
TeamArt on etsy
This whole shop is great, but I love this one 
zakkastationery on eBay
I love puffy stickers! And these are super cute :3
As you can see, I love etsy! It's just so cool to have access to amazing things that cool people have made! 
Have a great weekend
Megan xo

Kawaii Box July 2014

I recently saw Kawaii Box on Twinkie Chan's blog and I just had to subscribe! Each month you get 10-12 kawaii items delivered to your door, isn't that amazing?! I received my box last week and wanted to share the amazingly cute things they sent me! 
A cute card and pink tissue paper
A hand written card!
All the cuteness within
A super cute little bag, strawberry phone accessory and bread bear phone accessory, and panda eye mask!
Peach chewing gum, strawberry hair clips, and I honestly have no idea what that bow is for??
My favourites! Bunny stickers, animal page markers, macaron eraser, and panda mechanical pencil
It's so cute
My favourite things are the mechanical pencil and these bunny stickers!
All in all, a great box! I am so happy that I subscribed and I am already looking forward to the next box!
Megan xo

Two Years

Exactly two years ago today I married this awesome dude and it was the best thing I ever did. The last two years have been pretty damn fantasic! I know our lives will have their ups and downs, but as long as we have each other I know we can get through anything. I couldn't ask for a more supportive, hilarious, kind, or sweet husband.

I love you Nathan xo

Friday Fancies

Good morning! I hope your week has been excellent, here are my fancies...
jtopolski on etsy via The Dainty Squid
Cat skeleton necklace! 
thepinksamurai on etsy
Omigosh! Planet kitties!
octopurse on etsy
Such an amazing purse! I love the ears
OneElevenStudio on etsy
And a perfect pouch! 
SweetSuppliesStore on etsy
I ordered these amazing budgie stickers! This whole store is amazing 
SquidsGrotto on etsy
Fantastic feminist stickers
japanese2please on etsy
Very Hungry Caterpillar washi tape! 
CaseNest on etsy
Super cool Ouija board phone case
ZephiandtheDevil on etsy
Totally awesome Beetlejuice bag! 
That's everything! Have a great weekend :-)
Megan xo

Daily Instax July 2-15

The last two weeks have been so great! I have some big news for my personal life that you will see in a photo below (I'm not pregnant!), and I will probably do a blog post about that next week too! 
Walking in the bush across the road from my house with goober + a nearby park walk with goober again
My man being awesome and making soup + fatty Violet
We took Amos to PetBarn for a bath and he was a bit concerned + a penpal sent me PEZ! So awesome
I keep finding these two asleep like this <3 + Peach on her tower
Playing with Amos + Nathan bought home flowers and chocolates for me - so sweet!
Noah shoved his butt into my face hence my look of disgust + we went to Bunnings and left all our money there
My news! I left Uni and am now doing Animal Studies at TAFE! Woo! + Peach keeping me company
I'm really excited about my course, it's going to be so great! 
Have a great day, 
Megan xo

Photo An Hour - Noah Edition

Photo an hour posts are one of my favourite posts to read, and I've done one myself too. I had the idea a couple of weeks ago to do a photo an hour for my cats, so I decided to start with the eldest, Noah.
9am - I accidentally slept in so he got fed a little bit late, he was practically DYING
10am - Noah's new favourite hobby is knocking the bin over to lick the empty cat food cans - super fun for me
11am - tired after the effort of knocking the bin over, he decided to take a nap in the sunny window
12pm - still a bit tired he decided he needed to nap on the couch
1pm - still sleeping - what  big surprise
2pm - time for a wash after his snooze
3pm - his afternoon inspection of the front yard
4pm - seriously? He knocked over the bin again?! I need to sort this problem out!
5pm - all 3 cats love that I moved this trunk into the lounge room, they all sit on it and stare at me
6pm - Whingy pants was going crazy so I had to feed him. What a chubb.

So that's a day in the life of Noah, he's a very lucky cat. Being a cat must be so great.
Have a great day!
Megan xo