Daily Instax July 2-15

The last two weeks have been so great! I have some big news for my personal life that you will see in a photo below (I'm not pregnant!), and I will probably do a blog post about that next week too! 
Walking in the bush across the road from my house with goober + a nearby park walk with goober again
My man being awesome and making soup + fatty Violet
We took Amos to PetBarn for a bath and he was a bit concerned + a penpal sent me PEZ! So awesome
I keep finding these two asleep like this <3 + Peach on her tower
Playing with Amos + Nathan bought home flowers and chocolates for me - so sweet!
Noah shoved his butt into my face hence my look of disgust + we went to Bunnings and left all our money there
My news! I left Uni and am now doing Animal Studies at TAFE! Woo! + Peach keeping me company
I'm really excited about my course, it's going to be so great! 
Have a great day, 
Megan xo

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