Instagram Recap June 2014

Good morning, I have a few more instagram photos than usual as I couldn't make my mind up!
Snuggly Noah + Amos loves being in the boot of my car 
I rewatched all of Buffy, Spike is one of my favourites + a burger from Iku - one of my favourite things to eat ever!
Angel face + walking my baby boy (he turned one yesterday!)
Peach does the funniest poses + these two thought the new dog house was for them
Another Spike pic from one of my favourite episodes, Hush + Amos redecorated
Walking with my two boys + I made Noah where a cape and he seemed to like it
He's such a cutie pie + a cutie pie that destroyed a soccer ball within 5 minutes
This bonehead had ANOTHER tick that we needed the vet to remove (so small!) + Violet couldn't reach the ball
My drawing of Noah and Peach by Lucy Knisley + ahhhh look at this face! Those ears! Ahhhh <3 <3
Sleepy girl + I took this photo of Peach and Nathan pointed out she looked like The Beast - I laughed for half an hour
He wanted our falafel + the cutest little belly
Those are all my favourite photos of the month, follow me on instagram here if you feel like it!
Have a great day
Megan xo


  1. That Lucy Knisley print is so rad. So many pretty cat photos. :)

    1. Thank you! My favourite is Noah wearing a cape :)