Daily Instax June18 - July 1

The last couple weeks have been a bit stressful as I was getting things ready for my friends baby shower, which also means there aren't too many photos of cats this week!
I turned and found Peach in a bag + Amos hiding in a shadow
Cranky pants + I took two of these pics so I could send one to my brothers fiancee for her birthday :-)
An outfit I bought for my friends baby (a girl due in 6 weeks!) + Violet loves the donut pillow 
I painted some pastel animals + props I made for the shower! So cute
I was trying to assemble a puzzle + my new hair (back to brunette - I look so smug in this photo?!)
I made soooo many coconut balls for the shower + a nice sign she had made for the day - lovely!
   My laptop died so I had to buy a shiny new one! + Violet testing out some furniture I moved into the lounge room
OK so I lied about there not being that many cat photos this week, you'll get over it!
Megan xo

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