Daily Instax August 12 - 25

This is nearly the final batch of instax photos for August, which means it's nearly Springtime! I've been seeing cherry blossoms all over the place and they're so beautiful. Unfortunately I haven't got a photo of one of them this week!
Look at this beautiful face! + the best dinner with friends 
High tea with my book club + my beautiful little baby
I just want to smooch that nose + a spooky moon 
Nathan letting her be naughty + cutie 
At Victory Theatre Antiques in Blackheath + hugging my little baby 
New troll babies + Mr Fancy Feet 
My friends and I won at trivia!!! + he eats breakfast then goes back to bed <3 
Have a wonderful day,
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hey! Welcome to another Friday and another round of Friday Fancies!
AmyBlueIllustration on etsy
I've been obsessed with Polly Pockets lately so when I found these I knew I had to include them!
Urban Outfitters
This mug is adorable 
This vase would be so sweet for Spring 
WinnifredsDaughter on etsy
I've also been loving troll dolls and I found this ridiculously cute brooch! 
Simple Heart
I love looking at peoples travellers notebooks and found these pretty ones that I was so tempted by!
I am in LOVE with this Coraline pin! So cool! 
Have a wonderful weekend <3
Megan xo 

Create Everyday 2016 Days 223 - 236

Hi! I hope you enjoy my recent creations :-)
Lazy crafting + baking cookies!
Painting whilst listening to Magnetic Fields + planning 
I really enjoyed playing with watercolours this fortnight 
Cupcakes + envelopes
More painting + I made a welcome home sign for my friends that I pet sat for :-) 
Planning + more painting 
Have a wonderful day!
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! Hopefully your week has been good. I've been off sick with bronchitis so I've been chilling with Call the Midwife and Supernatural so I've been pretty relaxed! 
I am in love with this gorgeous design!
Lark Store
How adorable is this?!
Look at this amazing shirt!!! I need it! 
Would love this for inside, it would keep plants safe from the cats! 
Stamplifier on etsy
This is the most perfect stamp I've ever seen in my life 
And finally an amazing quartz lamp. How gorgeous! 
Have a wonderful weekend,
Megan xo 

You've Got Mail 2016 #26

I only received one letter this week but it's amazing
This is from Laura in France. Got stamps?
She made me this amazing letter full of adorable animals pics!
Look at the little puppies!
There were so many but there were my faves!
And she included some pics of her own dog and his friends - too cute 
I also didn't write any letters last week, but this letter made me pretty happy!
Megan xo

Daily Instax July 29 - August 11

The last few weeks have been so fun! Hanging with my Mum, adventures with friends, and pet sitting my friends beautiful Neopolitan Mastiff Ripley who is one of the nicest dogs I've ever met! 
Hanging with my Mum + homemade lemonade out at lunch with Mum
Day out with friends at Bowral <3 + the cutest puppy at work!!!
Cuties in bed + I bought the coolest wax seal set
I stuck my jigglypuff painting up + hanging out with a new pup 
I'm a bit in love + and he's in love with his baby 
Pretty sun in the fog + a brazen magpie 
She's my new bestie, she's so gorgeous! + sleepy baby 
Have a good day,
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello!  Hooray for another Friday!
fairycakes on etsy
Totally awesome Firefly pin 
I love this shirt, it's so peaceful and pretty 
These Chewie shoes are ridiculous and amazing, what is going on...I love them 
I love this little Maneki-neko pin! 
Super cute cat shirt! 
I really want this beanie but as always postage is a nightmare! 
Have an awesome weekend,
Megan xo

You've Got Mail 2016 #25

My incoming mail for this week
From Tasha in the UK - love this adorable cat washi!
And from a new pen pal Trinette in Ohio! 
 And my outgoing
To Susan in the UK - check out my new swan washi! 
Janice in Thailand via the US embassy 
And Katherine in San Fran - more new washi via my Washi Lane subscription (love it) 
Have you written a letter this week?
Megan xo

Create Everyday 2016 Days 209 - 222

I did a bit of painting this fortnight, I've been in the painting mood :-)
I started a Jigglypuff painting! Since I've been watching Pokemon and playing it I was inspired
I am so in love with this top card + new envelopes (check out that donut paper!)
Planning + organising my bullet journal
Sending my Dad a birthday card + nearly finished Jigglypuff
All done! Just had to add the final touches + working on another painting now :-) 
Planning + salted caramel brownies! (this is a packet mix and they were SO GOOD!)
Have a wonderful day!
Megan xo