Daily Instax July 15 - 28

The last couple of weeks have been so great! Here are my latest instax pics
Drinks with friends + meeting my friends baby Henry!! <3 <3 
My American friend made us biscuits! + Nathan and his baby 
Grumpy puss + spending money at the local bookstore 
Finally got the Harry Potter PEZ dispensers! + my colleague and I were excited about our new washing machine at work!! 
I went to a card making workshop and made this + I found this adorable mural in Glenbrook 
Preparing for surgery at work + pretty Peach peeping behind the curtains
Check out these 2 napping!! + my handsome boy in the sun! 
Have  great day!
Megan xo


  1. Your social life is more exciting than mine, I'm jealous and also living vicariously through you!

    1. Just wait for my next batch of instax pics! I have some good social stuff coming up this fortnight!