Daily Instax August 12 - 25

This is nearly the final batch of instax photos for August, which means it's nearly Springtime! I've been seeing cherry blossoms all over the place and they're so beautiful. Unfortunately I haven't got a photo of one of them this week!
Look at this beautiful face! + the best dinner with friends 
High tea with my book club + my beautiful little baby
I just want to smooch that nose + a spooky moon 
Nathan letting her be naughty + cutie 
At Victory Theatre Antiques in Blackheath + hugging my little baby 
New troll babies + Mr Fancy Feet 
My friends and I won at trivia!!! + he eats breakfast then goes back to bed <3 
Have a wonderful day,
Megan xo


  1. He's not wearing pants, is he?
    I really hope you got those trolls from the antiques shop.

    1. He's at home, so of course he's not wearing pants! And I didn't get them there but I got them at an antique store in Katoomba!