Music Monday

of Montreal - Neat Little Domestic Life

This is one of my favourites, as it is pretty much how I want my life to be. I want a domestic life. 
A life of making a home and having a family with my wonderful soon to be husband.
I want to travel a bit first, but I want to settle down into a nicer home soon and get cracking on making it how we want it to be.
I love thinking about the possibilities and I know he feels the same way <3


Cat neck pillow from Naomilingerie on etsy
Cotton linen cat eye mask from Naomilingerie on etsy
Doctor Cat Plush!!! From heykittykitty
I need this

 Simon's Cat! I love these cartoons
You can buy merchandise here
Cats Versus Human have merch also, and now the shipping to Australia is a bit more reasonable I plan on buying a few things! Especially the above tote bag

Music Monday - Wedding Song Edition

Tarkio - Keeping Me Awake

A bit melancholy, but I love the beat to it so much and it feels good - thinking about this to walk down the aisle too but I am unsure

Weekend Plans

I am so very excited for the Easter long weekend. Ah, 4 days off work!

I have a few things on my to-do list and I thought if I write them here I might do them all...(probably not)

-wash car, clean it out and vacuum it
-clear out bathroom cupboard/drawer and organise them
-organise chest of drawers so that I can get stuff out of them
-see family for Easter
-eat chocolate
-bake cookies
-organise some new blog posts
-chuck out old nail polishes
-go through all my old magazines
-get cracking on making our wedding invites
-go through all my photos on my computer and sort them into folders so that I can find them
-organise bookmarks
-read a good chunk of Neverwhere
-catch up on Once Upon a Time
-watch the new episode of Game of Thrones

I think 4 days is enough time to do all of these things...right?