Friday Fancies

Hello! My first favourite this week is the fact that after 2 months of my clinic being closed I finally went back to work! Hooray! 
This little guy is super sweet (not the gumdrop buttons!)
I found this awesome Pushing Daisies shirt (and now I want to rewatch it) 
Eclectic Eccentricity
So in love with these necklaces (as always this store is amazing)

Super cool make up bag 
Gizmo!! How cute is this! 
Scully the Riveter - so awesome 
Hard to Find
 I would love this at our front door
Have a great weekend!
Megan xo

You've Got Mail #16

Here's my incoming for the week...
An adorable envelope from Tasha in the UK! So cute!
And my outgoing...
A letter to Lisa in France
And one for Kirby in NSW - I LOVE these pumpkin stickers
Have a good day
Megan xo

Halloween Decor 2015

Halloween isn't very big in Australia, although each year I see more and more of in stores which pleases me! I wish it was as big here as it is in America! I decided to decorate my house this year and I am pretty happy with what I have!
Katherine sent me this awesome sign! I love it!
Adorable cat that now has real cat hair on it (thanks Violet)
My favourite part. Katherine sent me this awesome cat skeleton which I want to keep out as regular home decor forever! I also have a cauldron and cute little skull fairy lights.
This photo is a bit crummy, but I love a good garland

As you can see from the last few pics, I LOVE tinsel
Creepy skull watching over our kitchen
And finally I found ghosty Halloween tinsel! SCORE! (Bonus -a confused Noah in the background)
Have you decorated for Halloween?
Megan xo 

Pipsticks September Favourites

Today I am sharing my second delivery of the Pipsticks Sticker Subsccription. I was really happy with all of this months stickers...
So much colour!
 Now here are my favourites!

Pretty flamingos

Adorable bears and pretty perfume

Excellent stickers for birthday cards! I love the cupcakes

These are some of the more plain stickers but I love the colours

I didn't have any thank you stickers!

Pretty hearts and my favourite of them all, dogs in party hats. I need 500 more of those
Take care!
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! I just realised that there is nothing cat related in my fancies this week - that rarely happens!
Natali Koromoto
The style of this print is so cool and I am a huge Simpsons fan of course
Look at these slippers!!! I love that happy little face  
This dress is gorgeous 
Beautiful leafy necklaces 
Axolotls are one of my dream pets although this pin may have to suffice 
Urban Outfitters
I want 4 of these and instax photos of my babies wearing Santa hats 
The most awesome Jurassic Park print!
Have a great weekend,
Megan xo

You've Got Mail #15

This weeks post is way more exciting than last week! Here's my incoming...
One this week - from Katherine in San Fran
And Katherine also sent me an amazing gift (more on this next week when I share my Halloween decor!)
This is my favourite part!
And all of my outgoing...!
A parcel going to Katherine
And a reply for Kat too!
A birthday present for my friends dog (yes I'm serious! He's a cutie)
A simple envelope for my friend Annie
A postcard swap for my pen pal club - look how cute!
Finally, another swap for my pen pal group - this was Halloween themed.
We were tasked to just be imaginative with our mail art
I am quite proud of this part!
I also include some lollies (the treat) and a bunch of glittery stars (the trick!)
Phew, so pleased with this lot - I sent out a bunch of things I've been meaning to take care of! Have you sent any mail lately?
Take care
Megan xo

Daily Instax October 7 - 20

Cats. Cats cat cats. People. Then more cats. Pretty much my life!
Peach loaf + sometimes they are in the same room and it makes me happy!
Always following me + Nathan is a giant compared to my Mum
Awesome flowers in our yard + Victoria and Violet...I reckon she will try to steal her from me one day
A package arrived so he sat on it? + Peach in a sunbeam
Study study study + instead of cats in nerd glasses it should be cat butts in nerd glasses
Selfie with Noah + devil cat!
Skeleton cat and regular cat + my first ever stethoscope!
Take it easy!
Megan xo