Pipsticks Sticker Subscription

I debated whether to get this subscription - I wasn't sure if it was worth the money. Then My Green Cow posted a video about it and I was sold.
Inside the envelope they send is another envelope full of the stickers
They're all so beautiful! I love them all but here are my favourites....
I love the style of these ones. Kinda vintage looking
Adorable tiny clothing stickers! I especially love the little socks
I adore these little people and these summery ice blocks
These are my favourites of the whole bunch! Especially the holographic hearts
They also include an inspirational poster
And a plain postcard that you can decorate with your new stickers!
I am really glad I ordered this - the stickers are all cute and fun, and if I'm not particularly fond of a batch I know some of my pen pals would enjoy them! 
Megan xo  


  1. Those little clothes stickers are adorable - I love the socks as well! :D

    1. I really do love the little clothes ones a lot!