Recent Washi Purchases

Washi tape is a weakness for me, especially when you can buy really cute rolls on eBay for a couple of bucks! Here are a few (several) that I've bought over the recent months!
1. Red dogs      2. Dogs and  giraffes (#119)      3. Pikachu!!!
1. Wolf   (it looks like cats to me!)     2. Flowers Blue
Cat and Fish bone - this is my favourite, the little calico kitty <3
Set H - I love the daisies so much

1+2. Set F - so pretty!     3. Light purple - I love this glittery one!
My favourite eBay seller for washi tape is definitely lycheego, they have an amazing range and it's so cheap! Have you bought any cool tape lately?
Megan xo


  1. Sweet! A new place to spend my money. I must be terrible at finding washi, the only place I've seen it here is in Target.