Daily Instax October 7 - 20

Cats. Cats cat cats. People. Then more cats. Pretty much my life!
Peach loaf + sometimes they are in the same room and it makes me happy!
Always following me + Nathan is a giant compared to my Mum
Awesome flowers in our yard + Victoria and Violet...I reckon she will try to steal her from me one day
A package arrived so he sat on it? + Peach in a sunbeam
Study study study + instead of cats in nerd glasses it should be cat butts in nerd glasses
Selfie with Noah + devil cat!
Skeleton cat and regular cat + my first ever stethoscope!
Take it easy!
Megan xo


  1. You must be so excited about your first stethoscope! Seems very profresh. :P

    1. I am! My friends Mum gave it to me until I can afford to myself a fancy one! I already practiced on my cats and they ran away from me hahaha

  2. Is that pizza in my giant brother's hands? Where's my pizza?
    (awesome stethoscope!)

    1. I KNEW you were going to mention the pizza! Haha