Friday Fancies

Hey there! I've found some really cute stuff this week so I hope you like it!
RachelShneyerArt on etsy
I really wish the postage for this wasn't so expensive because I need this
Joanna Behar
Hey! Listen! Joanna Behar has the best stuff
So freakin cute
lillybaik on etsy
This is so cute!!
Typo have a new Snow White collection and it is AMAZING!!! 
Have a lovely weekend, 
Megan xo

Daily Instax June 4 - 17

Had a reasonably relaxed couple of weeks...things are about to be crazy for me!
Little stretchy girl + pretty much played Stardew Valley with my boy all day
 I finally bought a new computer! + I was gone for 3 nights and he was mad
 My Mum's text made me laugh + busted cuddling!
 This burger nearly defeated me + I housesat with these two pups for a few nights!
 What I found when I picked up my friend - I laughed so much + it's been cold
 Isn't she stunning?! + old boy
My boyfriend made me pancakes :-3 + we woke up like this
Have a great day!
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hey there! I hope you've had an amazing week so far and that you enjoy what I have for you today!
Urban Outfitters
I love the design on this, it's a little too dark for my style but I still like it!
ASOS always have the best pjs
I have a lot of mugs but I need this....right?

Cynthia Tizcareno 
There's a Noah, Peach, and Violet in this! I need them!
Johanna Behar
These are so pretty!
TheBeeTreeLV on etsy
If I had to pic a fave of these I'd have to pick the amethyst or ammonite! So cool
Have an excellent weekend, 
Megan xo 

Create Everyday May 30 - June 12

I didn't do too well this fortnight!

 Very easy + a pretty floral wreathy thing
 Always planning!!!
I painted this for my brother (it's from the Adventure Zone!) + more plans
Have a lovely day, 
Megan xo 

Friday Fancies

Heeey! I've had an amazing week which included 3 whole days off work, that is definitely my first fancy!
Present & Correct
This tiny little travel paint set is aesthetically pleasing to me!
This box is kinda spooky! I love it
Super cute!
Punky Pins
I feel like I've shared this pin before but I love it
WildflowerandCompany on etsy
Totally my cats
Um, YES! I need this!!! It's got little Noahs on it <3
Have an amazing weekend,
Megan xo

Daily Instax May 21 - June 3

Mostly me and animals!
 Such a gorgeous boy! + Fenway is the cutest
 Is there something behind me? + my boy in his sunbeam
 Raffy has the BEST ears + playing Stardew Valley non-stop
 He's just so pure + an awesome moon
I look terrified because she loved to poo on me + so many Noah pics

 Gettin smooches + she stole an almond
I looked after my friends pups - Atlas and Lilith <3
Have an awesome day
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hey! I hope you've had a wonderful week. I found a lot more cool stuff this week, yay!
just peachy
Very cool Zelda rupee pin! 26 whole rupees! 
Niaski on etsy
This tote is amazing. I AM  a mother of cats and I love pink and red together 
CedarAndSpruceStudio on etsy
This looks so pretty and delicate 
AnnekeJasinski on etsy
Perfect little corgi butt stickers - plus the artist is from Sydney!
Magic Circle
Amazing, I love everything about these! 
Laurie Melia Ceramics 
Eep! This is just too sweet!!! 
Have a fantastic weekend, 
Megan xo

Create Everyday May 16 - 29

Not toooo bad this time...
I bought these new watercolours so I was playing with them 

 A letter to a new pen pal + very exciting hah
 Planning + a thank you card
Making silly pages + mooooooore planning! Shock
Have a lovely day, 
Megan xo

May Faves

Hey! I really like doing monthly favourites and I'd like to start actually doing these every month! I kept a little list of things I was loving all month (so organised) and here they are!

I have been OBSESSED with Stardew Valley. I downloaded it on Steam and I play it waaaay too much. It's a farming simulator but there are so many things to do and everything is so cute! This is my little character and her adorable little farmhouse. Once I finish this post I'm gonna go play more...
This Is America...oh boy, this song is SO GOOD. The filmclip is effing amazing and Donald Glover is just killing it lately. How does he have time to do all the things he does??
 My favourite snack this month has been these watermelon Sour Patch kids. Holy shit, so addictive.
And this is a weird fave, but I bought these socks from Coles recently and they're so comfy! They have those little grips on the bottom so I don't slip on the floorboards, and I think they were only $8 for 2 pairs so they're reasonably priced too which is always a bonus! Hooray for cold weather!
My last fave is this playlist on Spotify...I've been putting this on, setting a timer, and falling asleep to the sound of rain every night and it is so relaxing. I swear it's been helping me sleep better. 
What have you been loving lately?
Megan xo