Create Everyday March 7 - 20

I did OK this time :-)

 Thank you card + love these colours
 Painting + planning
 More cards + more painting
 Been enjoying my watercolours a lot
Planning + more paint!
Have a lovely day, 
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hey! Hopefully, you've had a lovely week so far!
Oh. My. God. Could these be any cooler?! 
Bed Bath N Table
I just need everything in my life to have cats on it, OK!
smuug on Society6
Definitely need this for above my bed
lunaijewelry on etsy
I love anything moon related! 
thefoundretail on etsy
Very cool pin 
Club Clitoris / Meredith on Society6
Everything in this store is AMAZING but I love this. Such a cute booty 
Have an amazing weekend friends, 
Megan xo 

Daily Instax February 26 - March 11

Two awesome weeks!
 Had the best day with my besties + I love this bath bomb
 We had a few warm days so we had to swim + I got the best mug from my friend Erin 
 Two little babies I looked after + I love this photo Erin took!
 Getting smooches + seeing my bestie before she goes back to London :'-( 
 Autumn leaves! + hugging Charlie
 A relaxing night in + so many chickens!
I was possibly in love with this cat!!!!
Have the best day, 
Megan xo

My Daily Journals

I love journals. Hell, I just love stationery in general, but using it is even better than looking at it! I have a few journals that I use every single day and thought I'd share them! 
Leuchtturm1917 from Milligram 
This is my beloved Bullet Journal! I use it every single day for my running to do lists and to keep track of where I'm supposed to be! I also use it for bigger to-do lists and keeping notes on important things. 
 I added this little card inside that I think my Dad sent me, it makes me feel good!
Cotton On
This crazy glittery notebook is my stream of consciousness journal. I try to get all of my thoughts out about whatever I'm stressing over or whatever craziness is going on in my brain! I find it really helpful and it's fun to decorate it a bit inside too!
Book Depository
Finally, every night I fill out this One Line A Day journal with a little snippet of what I did during the day. Mostly it's boring, but sometimes it's a little bit more exciting!!
Do you keep a diary or journals?
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hey! I hope your week has been great! I have some good picks this week
Hello Holiday
This whole outfit is amazing, the romper and the shoes! So pretty
Simple yet awesome backpack
Joanna Behar
These are amazing pins 
Urban Outfitters
Super cute!
Pretty sure I need this shirt just to make sure everyone knows I'm a cutie 
Have a great weekend, 
Megan xo

Create Everyday February 21 - March 6

Not the best this time!
 The cutest stickers + painting a happy tree 

Planning + planning for March
Moooore plans + painting with the worst paint and brushes ever 
Have a great day, 
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Howdy! How was your week? Mine was pretty relaxed thankfully :-)
This dress is sooooo lovely!
Karen on Society6
This is the CUTEST print! 
Super sweet organiser 
Find a Gift Now on Society6
A gorgeous comforter 
Kate Spade
Oh Kate Spade, always with the perfect expensive bags
SheWolfka on etsy
Amazing mugs, people are so talented!
Have a love weekend,
Megan xo

Daily Instax February 12 - 25

I've been really busy lately but it's been great!!
 My roomies cats all lined up haha + chilling with the Winchesters 
 Bunny butt + nail day
 Hanging with Popcorn + following dogs around some markets
 Grocery day + look how close I was!!
 So cute + it was jumper weather!!
 Hung out with my bro + my adorable friend Erin being sorted haha
A new pupper to hang with, he was amazing + the best French toast with my Mum <3
Have a great day!
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Oooh a good batch of stuff this Friday!
So annoyed that I just placed a Modcoth order then this is added! The perfect shirt
Huebucket on Society6
Love these weird little faces 
Olive Bella
Gorgeous piece 
The Iconic
I feel like Cher Horowitz would wear this!
Some more gorgeous lingerie this week - this comes in so many sizes!
ClortyCatCrafts on etsy
This is the cutest pin!!!!!!!! 
Have the best weekend, 
Megan xo