Friday Fancies

Oooh a good batch of stuff this Friday!
So annoyed that I just placed a Modcoth order then this is added! The perfect shirt
Huebucket on Society6
Love these weird little faces 
Olive Bella
Gorgeous piece 
The Iconic
I feel like Cher Horowitz would wear this!
Some more gorgeous lingerie this week - this comes in so many sizes!
ClortyCatCrafts on etsy
This is the cutest pin!!!!!!!! 
Have the best weekend, 
Megan xo

Create Every Day February 7 - 20

Haven't been feeling too creative lately!
 Planning + I altered this shirt a bit!
 This was relaxing + I like how this turned out
More planning + playing with new paint
Have a great day!
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Welcome to another Friday, I hope your week wasn't as insane as mine!
hard to find
Oooh these are so pretty! My birthstone is topaz but I love the opal one!
I could not resist this and ended up buying one (as a Valentine's gift to myself!)
anneamanda on Society6
Looooove this print as a comforter!! 
LiteraryEmporium on etsy
A simple little magical pin 
Curvaceously Yours
I don't normally share stuff like this, but hatchi matchi this is gorgeous!
Urban Outfitters
I've always wanted one of these cat clocks, and now there are pink ones! Yes please!
Have an outstanding weekend, 
Megan xo

Daily Instax January 29 - February 11

Busy couple of weeks!
 Chilling with some birds + my little window plant
 We had a few cold days and it was so good + pretty morning light
 Caaaaaake + little babies
 Awww + new septum ring
 Looking after this adorable bun + Tommy wanted to hang with me
 I love my roomies cats + one of my favourite pups to look after
This is Dandelion, she's so cute + squeezing my friends kitten again
Have a good one, 
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hey! I hope you're well and happy!
Electic Eccentricity
They always have the nicest jewelery! 
The Family Love Tress
I looooove this! So pretty!
SO CUTE!!!!!
Daniel McLaren on Society6
Soooo NSFW but I love this hahaha
fforart on Society6
This print is so awesome 
NaomiHopeDesigns on etsy
Would you pull that crap with Annette?! Love this and I love Grease! 
Have an awesome weekend
Megan xo

Create Every Day January 24 - February 6

I didn't do too badly this fortnight!
 Love this pic of Kathleen Hanna! + and I love how these turned out <3 
 A pretty letter + yup! 
 Lots of planning as per usual
 Getting ready for Valentine's Day + mooooore planning 
Another letter + I like this simple page and this pic of young Liz Taylor is so gorgeous 
Have a lovely day!
Megan xo 

Friday Fancies

Happy February! I hope your week was lovely
SINDstudio on etsy
I love this cute little planter 
Kate Spade
This bag is gorgeous, damn you Kate Spade! I need more money!
D. Allan Drummond
Uggggh these are gorgeous 
ShatteredStore on etsy
Animal Crossing washi!!!!!!!!!
Be Magical Studio
So cute! 
Have a wonderful week,
Megan xo 

Daily Instax January 15 - 28

Selfies and animals!
Playing with my roomies kitty + got my hair cut! 
 All 3! + annoying a cat I was looking after (as per usual) 
 Crazy Bailey + I LOVE this pic!
 Seriously love my hair! + little lumps keeping watch
 Storm brewing + my friend got a kitten and I WAS CRYING
 I went back the next day, LOOK AT HIM! + OK Megan, enough selfies!
Love this shot + delicious watermelon with my roomie
Have a great day,
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hey! I hope you've been having a wonderful week so far
Olive Bella
These stones are such a gorgeous blue
Would love this for next to my door
These shoes are amazing 
I need all of my glasses to be these 
OHNORachio on etsy
Little cute peach pin!
NicomadeMe on etsy
Eeeeee look how cute this is!!!!!
Have a lovely weekend, 
Megan xo