Music Monday - Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal


Pancakes are one of my absolute favourite foods and I really like the way I make them, so I decided to share my recipe. It's probably the same as a million other peoples, but I am still going to share!
Gather your ingredients. Self-raising flour, milk, caster sugar and one egg!
Mix 2 cups of flour (sifted), the egg, one tablespoon of sugar and add a cup of milk at first, then add it a bit at a time until you have the consistenancy you desire. 

Get your pan heating up on medium and melt a little butter. Get a ladlefull of batter and fill your pan. 

Once little bubble starts popping on top it's time to flip! Just wait til the other side goes brown and crispy like the top. Mmm. 
I served my pancakes with a good squeeze of orange juice and a sprinkle of sugar on top. Delicious!
Bon appétit


Instagram is one of my favourite new iPhone Apps! Here are a few of my photos from the last week
  1. Cadbury Creme Egg from a friend
  2. My cats are the sweetest
  3. Delicious cupcakes for Valentines Day from Sparkle Cupcakery in Surry Hills (seriously some of the best cupcakes ever)

Music Monday

Laura Marling - All My Rage

Music Monday


of Montreal -Family Noveau
My favourite band <3

Etsy Favourites

I love Etsy a little too much! Here are some of my favourite items 

I have a small collection of sterling silver animal earrings, and I think these are the next addition!

From Szeya

These tulip cupcake cases are just perfect

These animal prints from berkleyillustration are so cute....
That I couldn't pick only one!
And finally - I really, really want a custom pet portrait by Sarah McNeil!

Kitchen tea

I am getting married in July and I am currently gathering ideas for my Kitchen tea/bridal shower. Here are a few of those ideas

tea pot cookie cutter from theraspberrybutterfly

Martha Stewart pompoms via Pinkfrosting
Heart garland via Larkmade