You've Got Mail 2016 #20

My incoming...
From Deborah Anne in Canada 
She also sent me a stack of this GORGEOUS La Papierre paper 
And this is from Trysha who was my washi swap partner 
My favourite from these are definitely the heart eye emoji's (my fave emoji) and the mason jars!
And I love the happy little strawberries and the green flowers 
And my outgoing...
Debbie in the UK
Samantha (I love this envelope stamp!)
Kathleen in the Northern Territory 
And a thank you for a pet sitting client 
I really liked my kraft envelopes this week! Take it easy,
Megan xo

Create Everyday 2016 Days 167-180

I did really well with my creations this fortnight, I did something every day! :-)
I'm running out of handmade envelopes! + prepping a canvas
More envelopes! + cookies
Planning + making happy mail pretty
Made a page about my bros wedding in a new little scrapbook ! + prepping cards
 I painted this the day before so I finished it off with some glitter paint + I made a sliding knot necklace (that later fell apart!)
Glittering up some feathers + planning
Playing with glitter glue + painting a canvas

Sticker Haul

I should probably stop buying stickers, but they're just so cute, and I'm supporting Australian etsy stores so that's a good thing right? RIGHT?! Anyways, all of these are from the adorable store Squiggle Pop Studio in Queensland and they are very cute and good quality too. I will order from here again! 
Mini Cactus
 I couldn't resists these mini cactus stickers, they are so cute and perfect 
Mini washi tape
 As if I could NOT get the washi tape stickers, my two favourite stationery supplies combined!
Book Club 
 I had these on my Friday Fancies a few weeks ago and they are the reason why I placed this order!
And she included some little samples too, so I am super impressed! Very happy with my order :-)
Have a great day,
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope that your week has been wonderful. I've had a rotten sinus infection, which has meant that I've been resting in between pet sitting a beautiful cat, but thankfully I finish up with her today so I can rest more over the weekend and hopefully shake this horrible sickness! 
At first I thought this was a glittery pen, but it's flowers! So pretty
I am loving these crazy pink shoes
Present & Correct
I really would love one of these to make sure when I write addresses they're nice and straight 
Some Stuff Blake Made
This is the cutest pin! Puppy planet!
As if I need more washi tape, but this one is so cute and pink has been my favourite colour lately  
This bag would be more suitable for summer, but it's so beautiful! 
Have a glorious weekend!
Megan xo 

You've Got Mail 2016 #19

Only outgoing mail this week. I have TWO letters left in my reply pile. I'm nearly caught up, so exciting!!!
And thank you card for my friend Isti and a reply for Teri-Ann (obsessed with Heidi Swapp colour shine sprays)
A thank you card for a client and a reply for Susan in the UK 
And replies for Bel and Kirby, both in NSW! 
Have a great day!
Megan xo

Daily Instax June 3 - 16

Time for more instax photos :-)
Guilty faced boy who knows he's not meant to be in the back seat + someone stole my seat
My little cat rabbit + hugging puppies at work! 
I hug a lot of dogs! + an old post office in Mt Victoria 
Violet being sweet + Violet being mean to Glenn on his birthday! 
Hanging out with a bunch of my friends + taking sneaky pics of of Mum and Glenn 
Amos napping in the sun and ready to nap on the new blanket my Mum gave him <3 
Peach glaring at a confused Amos + voluptuous Violet
Have a great day!
Megan xo

Washi Lane June Subscription

I recently signed up for Washi Lanes washi tape subscription and June's delivery was SO GOOD!
All of the washi tape they sent was absolutely gorgeous, the deer tape was my personal favourite! I couldn't find these top 3 on their online store, but I found a deer one that is similar here. 
These 2 tapes are super pretty too, the top one is incredibly smooth and the bottom one is so pretty and sweet. I found the top one on their website here
 They also include the cutest stickers! How sweet are they! I want to hoard them forever! 
 I had a include a little close up of them, they're just so adorable 

They also included little cards and some more stickers! This was the most perfect little parcel to arrive in my letterbox! I was very happy :-)
Megan xo

Friday Fancies

Hello! I hope you've had an amazing week so far and that your weekend is even better :-)
Mrs Brimbles
Look at this pencil case! Look! So amazing :-o
byenelliele on etsy
I feel like this cat is me on the weekend
This shirt is so rad!
MikeMcCabeStore on etsy
Sweeeet can. Finally a Simpsons related enamel pin!
BonbiForest on etsy
Such a beautiful necklace
Hot Topic
So this is sold out but look at all of the amazing Harry Potter stuff they have!!
Take care
Megan xo

You've Got Mail 2016 #18

This weeks incoming mail...
From Kathleen in NT 
Kathleen sent me a bunch of old stamps and these were my favourites!
Kathleen also sent me a letter this week :-) 
And this letter from Millie, such cute stickers!!
And one from Anna
 And my outgoing
Outgoing to Tasha - I was saving this envelope for her 
For Laura in Victoria 
And Jemma in the UK 
Have a great day!
Megan xo