Sticker Haul

I should probably stop buying stickers, but they're just so cute, and I'm supporting Australian etsy stores so that's a good thing right? RIGHT?! Anyways, all of these are from the adorable store Squiggle Pop Studio in Queensland and they are very cute and good quality too. I will order from here again! 
Mini Cactus
 I couldn't resists these mini cactus stickers, they are so cute and perfect 
Mini washi tape
 As if I could NOT get the washi tape stickers, my two favourite stationery supplies combined!
Book Club 
 I had these on my Friday Fancies a few weeks ago and they are the reason why I placed this order!
And she included some little samples too, so I am super impressed! Very happy with my order :-)
Have a great day,
Megan xo


  1. Gar, I sent you a letter yesterday but forgot to add the stickers I'd bought for it. *curses* These are cool though.

    1. Aww damn! Next time! And I have a problem, whenever I get a good pet setting job I buy some stationery or craft supplies with some of the money I earn and then I just want to roll around in them all. I guess I use everything I buy...and I could be spending it on drugs! *continues to justify it*